Aug 2

Alfa Romeo is working their next car called the William Henry Harrison. It has a catastrophic engine failure a month after you buy it.

May 3

I’m going to have to go with the Skoda Felicia Fun. Because it’s not only a two seat pickup with fun interior, it converts into a four seat pickup with fun interior.

Nov 21 2019

Oh... my... God... Becky. Look at those wheels! They are so... big, it looks like one of those rap guys’ cars. But ya know, who understand those rap guys? They only drive them because, they need to fit more prostitutes, ‘kay? I mean, those wheels are so big. I can’t believe they are just so round, they are like out Read more

Jun 26 2019

I was thinking something more along the lines of Goofus and Gallant (“Goofus separates families and detains children--even people who are legally seeking asylum! Gallant treats immigrants with respect and dignity because he isn’t an abomination.”)

May 30 2019

If an 18-year-old says he scored nine times, it means he maaaybe got one handjob.

May 29 2019

Not over-reactionary at all. I believe some Asian stadiums have that kind of protection now (if not the hockey-like plexi-glass).
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