Rude Negro
Oct 9

I like the implication that we’d be scandalized if Obama really were bisexual. Ok...let’s assume you’re not full of shit (you’re definitely full of shit) and that a dude had sex with Obama. We’re not the ones who have a problem with what other grownass adults do with their genitals! That’s you all’s hang up! Read more

Sep 26

I realize it fits in with the ethos around here, but the title of her book already outed her as a supercilious asshole.

Jun 26

This comment section is going to be chock full of “WHAT ABOUT DUE PROCESS?! I THOUGHT THIS WAS AMERICA?!?!?!”

Glad Twitch finally did something.

Jun 26

If by applying the laws “equally and fairly” you mean take action of these women are sexually abusing somebody, sure. Read more

Jun 19

No, all the mask wearing is to show disapproval of me, the guy who cured Cordiavirus. The economy is fixed, the china virus is long dead and the Juneteen celebrations are in full swing. Who knew Americans cared so much about June and teenagers? It’s a lovely holiday, lovely like a lovely broad, like Ivanka. Read more

Jun 18

Remember all the articles seeking sympathy for Ron from Ann Arbor? This is why; David had found someone as delusional as he is.