I’m going to use Lindsay’s batshittery as my go to defense from now on. “I never hit Lindsey Lohan’s car so obviously I’ve ever hit a car.” Read more

So many people in the comments defending actual, literal Nazis. WTF? I’m out. Read more

The comments section in evey major news outlet has these creeps. I should’ve known better than to go there. Read more

Except he’s not savvy enough to orchestrate a distraction, he’s just flailing like he always does. He’s just desperate to be seen as winning at something. Read more

He’d be running against a pretty popular Democratic incumbent in a fairly independent state, I wouldn’t get those Kid Rock commemorative plates made up just yet. Read more

The Rock is Republican so I’m guessing his and my core values aren’t well matched. He has charisma though so he’ll reel in a lot of folks that way. Read more

The first day in months I decide to wear eye makeup and you post this.. My mascara isn’t waterproof, you monster! Read more

Substitute gin and tonics for fruity cocktails and that’s my list! Read more

What a timely article! I’m enjoying a nice glass (OK, bottle) right now. I’m usually a red wine gal but it’s too hot and sticky for room temp wine. Read more

SOOOOOO many people have club wear and athleisure wear and that’s it. It’s so bizarre. Read more

I could just watch gifs of Alyssa Edwards all day long! Read more

My take away from all of this wasn’t anything to do with the drugs. That was unsurprising and her drug use and abuse has been addressed throughout her life by herself and others. What sticks out for me is the sleep apnea. I know so many people who have it. Some go along with what their healthcare providers suggest, Read more

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I think this zombie vs shark scene is pretty spot on though.

I have nothing tasteful to add. I just stopped by to say Reza Aslan can get it. Read more

For me personality, temperament, energy level, etc. are always more important determinations but the heart wants what it wants I guess. For example we sent home a CRAZY active and bonkers kitten home with an elderly woman with mobility issues recently even after explaining a slightly older, slightly less active cat Read more

I’m OK with most of your comment except the part where you imply rescue animals are bad. You do know most animals in rescue are there because of human failings and not because they’re bad animals, right? Because that is most certainly the case. I know, I see it everyday in my volunteer work. Read more

Things I don’t like: Crowds, sweating, swimming in the ocean, and being in direct sunlight. So no, I do not enjoy the beach. Read more

I sort of agree but we need to put country over party. I’d love for Democrats to have a huge advantage in the midterms but not at the cost of a traitor remaining as President. Read more

Eh, I’m not a super fan of either woman but Taylor’s been pretty quiet about it as of late. Katy is still the one still sniping and then going “She started it!” when she’s called out. That comes across as quite a lot more immature to me. Plus, Katy is in her 30's while Taylor is still in her 20's. Both parties need to Read more

Still waiting for Katy Perry to grow up... Read more