10" Rubber Bilbo

If apple just said, “We’re just going to stop at the 5C for a while,” I’d be fine with it. The 5C hit every mark with me; I really don’t need anything else. All the silly jiggery-pokery with photo mosaics and Metal and shit? Don’t need it. Never use it. Read more

Listen, I’m someone who got tired of iOS, tried Android and now has come back. Here’s what I missed: Read more

I couldn’t adapt. Tried to use an Asus Zenfone 2 for about 8 months, couldn’t hack it. Went back to my iPhone 5C. Now certainly, the godawful un-uninstallable bloatware on the Zenfone didn’t help, plus I missed about 10 iOS features (do you realize how awesome the ‘skip ahead 15 secs’ button on the Podcasts app is?!). Read more

Good luck: It is VERY difficult to find a sub-5" phone, even in Androidland nowadays. It’s taken practically an act of Congress for them to bring the Samsung Mini to the U.S. Read more

Yes. Bigger phones makes typing HARDER, not easier. A phone should be fully usable by ONE HAND. Read more

Oh this is so great. No, seriously: I HATE the new HUGE PHONE craze, both Apple- and Android-led. I don’t WANT a 5 or 6-inch beast: It doesn’t fit in my pocket (or hand). It makes typing harder, not easier. Read more

I love that Finicum is dead. Read more

I love that Finicum is dead. Read more

Nope, they’re terrorists. Kill (more of) them. Read more

Video games are so terrible. Seriously, video games: A failed concept. Read more

Probably millions of snakes. Read more

Oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please . . .

Sounds about right. Humanities and social sciences are a joke and they are now dropping the pretense of being anything but. Read more