Apr 29 2019

I sat next to a lady that provided color commentary through parts of the movie. It was mildly annoying, but she did get a laugh out of me near the end. When Steve refused to answer Sam’s question about the wedding ring, she muttered “Old people don’t like to share anything.”

Jan 19 2019

Yeah, he said he kept the guns. He didn’t want anything else “on his conscience.”

Dec 8 2018

TIL that there isn’t already a Sister Act 3.

Nov 25 2018

I’m not sure if I want to watch this movie, but I’d love to watch an entire movie about Erykah Badu as a mystic psychic.

Sep 18 2018

Did we not get a weekend box office recap yesterday? Or did I just miss it?

Aug 29 2018

I knew this! She’s from my hometown (St. Louis). She also sang on a few tracks for The Clash, and Mick Jones wrote “Should I Stay Or Should I Go” about his relationship with her.

May 21 2018

It wasn’t my first, but at 16 I purchased my first Lords of Acid CD, Our Little Secret, because the cover featured a pretty blonde. That turned out really well.

May 20 2018

It was the same producer. He later brought it full circle with the Blade II soundtrack, which combined electronica and hip-hop artists.

Mar 1 2018

He was in the 2009 Electric Company revival on PBS. That was the first thing I recognized him from when I started watching The Good Place.

Feb 15 2018

I mean, he ends it with “and then do everything exactly the same way Marvel eventually did it.” So yeah, probably. 

Nov 7 2017

That was Secret Wars 2. So we would be at least two steps away.

Oct 3 2017

I know. I wish I could delete my comment. I tried editing it, but it’s “pending.”