Jun 26

First of all, Jenna Marbles didn’t do blackface. She had a dark tan when she worked in a tanning shop. Tacky? Yes. Blackface? No. She had that tan in every video at the time. Read more

Jun 21

Since nobody else has said it, this is why the call is for engaged and enthusiastic consent. Not implied consent, or assumed consent. The girl was 17, and he obviously wielded a substantial and outsized power and influence comparatively, regardless of the age of consent. If your partner seems uncomfortable or in pain Read more

Jun 21

Anyway if you’re having sex with someone and they start sobbing in pain and you don’t stop you’re a rapist

Jun 21

you’re not bad for knowing the legal differences, you’re bad for going on and on about it like it’s a cool thing to know about.

Jun 21

If you are having sex with someone and they start sobbing in pain, you FUCKING STOP AND ASK THEM IF THEY’RE OKAY. What the fuck is wrong with you?

Jun 21

The article did not mention statutory rape, only “sexual assault”, which, if the woman’s allegations are accurate, it pretty clearly was. Also, the statute of limitations is completely irrelevant to the article. The ability (or inability) of the justice system to respond to a person’s actions do not suggest the actions Read more

Apr 24

I definitely notice, but then I frequently work on documents where I’m not the only contributor. Nothing worse than having to find and replace all the double spaces because only one person does it.

Apr 24

The extra visual space created by the punctuation should be plenty, rather than having two spaces. You can do whatever you want, but it looks awkward to me when there is a double space. Read more

Apr 21

Jodie Turner-Smith is jaw-droppingly beautiful. Beside her, Joshua Jackson just looks like some random guy off the street. I cannot wait to see that baby. Super happy for them.

Apr 3

Look, I would really appreciate if you’d stop calling me names when I did absolutely nothing to warrant them. Read more

Mar 5

I completely understand why she has dropped and I still broken. FUCK this country. This is the smartest, most competent, most capable and genuine candidate in the whole field but the ignorant voters want to keep the status quo and go with another goddamned old white guy. FUCK this country. Read more

Feb 25

You look out the window of Starfleet Headquarters and you see paradise. Well, it’s easy to be a saint in paradise” Read more

Feb 14

Found the TERF section of Jez, I guess! Damn 2020 is shaping up to be rowdy as all get out! 

Feb 9

Given the first choice (Garrus) was already taken I’ll have to go with the character that probably started my interest in snarky, cynical, self-assured, intelligent, raven-haired women that has been the basis of what I look for in a potential partner ever since.

Jan 24

I’m pretty sure there is a better way to describe Kristen Chenoweth’s talent other than singer/screamer.  Read more