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That’s not’re confusing “White People” with “British People”. Read more

Most of the tribal governments are overwhelmingly conservative...they love Trump.  That’s why.  By pandering to a conservative base that believes gambling should be illegal, they guarantee their monopoly on that market. Read more

That ten second clip is now seared into my memory for the rest of my life. How... how could you post that here? What did I do to deserve that? I feel lost. Fridays are typically a joyous occasion, weekend in full view. Not this one. You have destroyed any possibility of... forget enjoyment. If I should escape the Read more

Seriously, fuck everyone for getting on Warren for defending herself. How about going after the shitty GOP for allowing this shit to continue? Read more

My spouse and I talk about tribal politics almost as much as we talk about US politics in general. Each tribe has their own complicated politics, but white liberals seem to fetishize them as these hippy flower children (I sure used to before I met them). It would shock people how conservative and corrupt some of the Read more

My spouse’s grandfather is Cherokee-Delaware. Their grandmother is half Cherokee and half white. Their biological father was french cajun, but he wasn’t in their life growing up so they don’t relate to that side of their family. Read more

Nick Martin here is telling someone they’re not Native enough. Read more

I’m replying very very tepidly, because I am white with zero Native American ancestry (can I say that? I mean that respectfully). I am not going to presume to argue against anything that anyone of non-white heritage would say insults them, because I have never been subjected to any of the myriad injustices that they Read more

Chuck Hoskin Jr., the Secretary of State for Cherokee Nation, the tribe Warren claims to have roots in, explained this all in a rightfully scathing statement yesterday. Read more

So I know my own, personal, anecdote doesn’t prove anything but here we go. Read more

I’m assuming spoofing a MAC address would get around this, otherwise, what else might their system look for? Read more

I don’t agree with the law at all, but, and I really hate to say this, based on how Congress wrote the law, how Kavanaugh is reading it is probably correct. Congress could’ve passed a law that had stipulations for the severity of the crime and how long ago it was committed, but they didn’t. Whether or not that’s Read more

I normally agree with Jezebel’s slant on things, but I can’t on this one. On its face, it’s simply not true that those tweets “were not aimed at a general audience.” Every single one that you embedded in the article was, in fact, aimed at a general audience. Words have meanings. She’s a journalist, and presumably she Read more

You are only showing a couple of her tweets. Read more

So, lying to a FISA court and purposefully omitting that your unverified evidence was paid for by the opposition and used to spy on a candidate in an election, and an incoming administration. And they still found nothing on him. have a low standard of fun if leveling in WoW does it for you. Read more

The new anime everyone is talking Devilman Crybaby. Read more

Yep. Just 30 minutes ago, I called this network a self-parody of liberalism, where even the most innocuous shit gets shredded for being offensive. Read more

The right to do business with other people isn’t something you’ll find super explicit in the constituion, but somewhere between the first amendment (protecting the freedom of speech and assembly) and Article 1 Section 10 of the constitution (preventing States from impairing obligations of contract) it’s pretty heavily Read more

“What advantage does hearing a car/bus behind you, in any actionable sense, provide.” Read more