Jul 28

I’m no fan of Elon, but IIRC reading his objection isn’t to people receiving assistance through this, but the way the government is going about it.  e.g. these political football one time “stimulus” payments, etc. 

Jul 8

Tesla drivers are largely a self-fellating bunch, so I don’t know how well they’re going to take to a machine doing it for them.

Jul 7

It’s the 21st century. I believe they’re called “person holes”. Or something like that...

Jun 8

I don’t like the execution here on the Continental, but this gave me an idea for coupe-izing other cars. I don’t have the tools, the patience, or the skills to do it properly, so I half-assed a bunch of them in MSPaint.

May 21

Slideshow is garbage.. BUT the 03-06 G500 is not! The M113 V8 and 5-speed are as simple and bulletproof as modern drivetrains gets, let alone german ones

May 21

Click article as usual. See that it’s the dreaded and totally fucked up slideshow. Clicked 1st arrow, changed 1 to 8, scrolled to make a comment about these fucked up slideshow formats being used

May 21

Just came this far to say, this format sucks. thanks.

May 21

I’m just here for the comments bashing the slideshow! I clicked through 8 pages, so don’t disappoint me Jalops!