12:59 PM

Dude I’m assuming you’re an adult. When you make a plural from Ferrari to Ferraris it doesn’t have an apostrophe. The apostrophe typically indicates a possessive. There are a bunch of variables so I’m not going to get into it, but the simple rule is do not use an apostrophe when you simply want to refer to multiple Read more

10:58 AM

Potholes are really hard on boats. How did we ever let Lake Michigan get so bad?

9:36 PM

A lovely 1962 Jaguar Mark II. Besides being a very pretty thing, its price has actually appreciated over the years and will likely continue to do so, unlike many of the other choices here.

9:16 AM

JESUS! YES THIS ^ THIS RIGHT HERE^. The level of dumbfuckery does nothing but rise on our roads because of the minimal training people have to go through to obtain AND KEEP a license.

10:17 AM

So sorry to hear that, I love this country but it is so unfair sometimes. Anybody who suggests that socialized medicine is a bad thing needs to think long and hard about their morals. We are all human beings. We all deserve high quality, affordable healthcare. I wish half of this country was not so selfish and stuck Read more

1:30 PM

Well, I can't help you find a job but if by any chance the company you work for is Land & Sea, then perhaps you could help me find somebody who can can help me and my boss figure out how to setup our used engine dyno we just bought. In return, I can promise to ship you a case of your favourite snacks. Or maybe my Abba Read more

10:21 PM

This is why ALL of my smaller jets are Gulfstreams.

3:43 PM

According to Iain's study, which is entitled "Comparative perceptions of driver ability," a whopping 80 percent of drivers believe that they are "better than average." Let's think about that for a second. Eighty percent. Believe they are better than average. Extrapolate this out a bit, and you're confronted with a Read more