"This is not a drill! It's a hammer and nails... Now let's see if you can actually complete a fucking cross, Tim."

Oh, and don't forget the OUR BEER ISN'T FOR FAGS! Super Bowl commercial from earlier this year.

No mention of St. Lou's own Anheuser-Busch? The company has done more to corrupt and damage the idea of proper beer than any other single entity on Earth? Read more

Good for them. When we had our garage there was a guy, probably in his 30's, who started coming to visit us. I don't know exactly what was wrong with him, but he had a severe speech impediment, physical disabilities (although he was able to get around easily enough) and diminished mental acuity. I don't know exactly Read more

Shame I missed this one. Not on ebay, but 6MT Cayenne GTS under $30k? Yes, please. Read more

GT-R because with all the money you save you can afford all the lawsuits that will fly your way for gross negligence of others' safety at a track day.

I particularly enjoyed the various players' reactions to this abomination:

Arguably the best drive Michigan has had all year.

Celery Man and/or Tayne will be there.

Came here to post this. Also that was possibly the most depressing movie I've watched on a plane. Gore doesn't bother me, but I got no pleasure out of watching that film.