Rory Cahill
Nov 13

They lacked Focus.  Though after it was all over, the victim celebrated with a Fiesta. 

Nov 11

I say we tolerate Nazi opinions like we did the first time around.  With firebombing.

Nov 4

y’all this is gud parsh I don’t care what you say this is the guddest parsh to ever el parshamino it up with a parsh
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Nov 3

So, yes, it all kind of starts with a car crash, and in this case, it’s a Ford-on-Ford literal mashup, with what appears to be a 1948-ish Ford F1 pickup climbing up and over a 1949-1951 Ford sedan
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Nov 2

Talk about stupid, consider this little tale. A few weeks back, I was driving through a smallish town in north Georgia. An area that serious Trump-country. Seems like every other house has a collection of Trump flags flying. As is their right, of course. So anyway, I’m driving along with a Biden decal (just one, not Read more

Jun 9

There is only one Confederate Flag that ever mattered anyway, so I don’t know why those loser traitors are getting so upset.

May 31

Fuck 12 and everyone who supports them. If someone uses a vehicle as a weapon I hope someone else stands their ground and puts a bullet through their windshield. If you think you need to drive through a protest, don’t. Go around. Park and walk if you got to. And if an angry mob surrounds your vehicle then beg for Read more

Jan 11 2017

I think he (or his wife) would drive a Mercury Monterey. A silver, Premier trim, Monterey with those MARRIAGE = 1 MAN + 1 WOMAN and ~*i’m a person, not a choice, pro-life*~ stickers on it. Oh, and a bumper sticker from whatever private Christian K-12 academy his kids go to. A Jesus fish is definitely on that car Read more

Jan 10 2017

Chrysler 200. Because a “Chrysler” is fancier than a “Ford” in the Still-The-Fifties world that Pence inhabits.

Jan 10 2017

Meanwhile, Pence would probably buy a Fusion S, specified from the factory with plastic wheels, no sunroof and a Jesus fish sticker on the back