Rory Cahill

“But how does someone play for Detroit more than a decade and only own one American car?” Read more

It’s pretty clever really, when you consider the truckers want to end “man dates”... Read more

Police are never powerless. If they aren't doing something, it's because they don't want to.  Read more

Man, after Biden took office Eric really has let himself go.
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That’s the trouble with a lot of American thinking. “I don’t want to do this, and therefore nobody should be doing it.” Read more

Cast-offs? Okay, I don’t know the politics behind these clowns, and maybe this is just sloppy language, but that term just there; that sounds like a dogwhistle to me. That sounds exactly like some sort of right-wing American Exceptionalism talk.
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Congrats Maine, you started a domino effect and now this is spreading like a virus.  Read more

AAMVA sounds like a bunch of assholes. I just can’t stand non-profit groups like this, which feel compelled to meddle in shit that doesn’t matter. People who drive kei cars know that they’re toast if they get into an accident. Let ‘em! Most of the time they’re just used for short trips or back road driving.

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I love to shit on GM almost as much as Jalopnik, but everything about the C8 seems like they hit it outta the park. And now this level of performance for that price is insane.
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Yeah, how dare a fun car be practical at the same time! Read more

My resistance to change might be showing here, but there is zero need, and I argue it goes against the spirit of the WRX lineage, for Subaru to make a whole ass new car that’s different from the Imprezas. The WRX is a hopped up Impreza. The EVO is a hopped up Lancer. The RS is a hopped up Focus. And so on. This is the Read more

I predict that this will be the first obituary posted here that won’t have a single comment lamenting its departure from the market. Read more

I get stuck watching a lot of old 60s and 70s TV show reruns because of relatives. Mannix had a Tornado for a while. Read more

Though I will say that anyone who’d turn up their nose at the Toronado because it’s FWD needs their head examined. Read more

The 1968 Buick Riviera shared styling similar to the Toronado but was RWD. Always loved those cars. Read more

No no, it’s entirely appropriate to judge an elected member of Congress solely on the basis of whether or not they choose to uphold democratic principles. Read more

Guy Upbadges Chevy Bolt, We Try To Fool You Into Thinking It’s Rare Saab Prototype For Clicks! Read more

While there are valid scientific reasons for reaching herd immunity, I have personally decided the selfish fucks can just die.   Read more