Aug 9 2019

Cool but his security is close to him and not punching him. I mean, he’s around other humans. Why aren’t they punching him???

Nov 1 2018

Some liberals might try to tell you that you shouldn’t have made fun of dude about his fly being unzipped but they’re wrong. Being incompetent losers who can’t even zip their pants up is a huge part of why these people are attracted to fascism in the first place. And while publicly shaming them for being incompetent Read more

Nov 1 2018

The fact that the two of them soldiered on with their press conference in light of the incredibly amazing internet drubbing they got yesterday is honestly hysterical and sad at the same time. This is what happens when a 20-year-old has already gone through a major legal proceeding and got off with a slap on the wrist. Read more

Oct 26 2018

Look, I just want to know if he’s a lone wolf or if I need to condemn an entire ethnicity. Please advise.

Sep 11 2018

Oh god, they’re related to Robert the Bruce.  I’m related to Robert the Bruce.  I’m part of this now.

Aug 21 2018

“The Trump National Hudson Valley? Why, she died on the way to prom night 50 years ago…”

Aug 15 2018

I got $ says Horatio Sanz plays him in the movie, David Spade plays Conway. 

Sep 3 2017

How did we get to a point where a statement from anyone in the government links to Breitbart? Might as well link to the Weekly World News. I hear someone saw Satan’s face in the chemical fumes.

Sep 3 2017

It’s cool. The spike in childhood cancers will happen long after Pruitt’s gone.

Sep 3 2017

I really hope these journalists wear these attacks like a badge of honor and turn up the heat on these guys. Real Americans understand the need and importance of the fourth estate and how essential it is to our democracy.

Apr 20 2017

He eats breakfast 300 yards away from 4,000 North Koreans who are trained to kill him desperately longing for the sweet release of death