Rom Romberts
Aug 22 2018

The worst part is having to hand-paint all of your cards if you want to participate in GW sanctioned tournaments. /s

Aug 16 2018

a fun game to play at this game will be “find the ND diehard who actually went there.” At the Big East tournament my buddies and I would ask the ND fans what dorm they lived in at ND. We heard a lot of “well, I went to Fordham/Fairfield/Iona/Manhattan, etc but have always been a huge Irish fan”answers

Aug 6 2018

The Lindor/Ramirez combo is awesome, and I feel lucky that my hometown team has them. They seem to have a great chemistry with each other—there’s a friendly rivalry that makes both of them better. Read more

Aug 6 2018

So, for a couple years, everyone was talking about Francisco Lindor and how amazing he was going to be. And honestly, he’s largely lived up to the hype! He’s great! But one of the coolest things has been how, starting two-and-a-half years ago, Jose came out of nowhere and has become a lynchpin for this team’s success.

Apr 3 2018

Last summer, I set out for a solo day-hike adventure in a national park. I laced up my expensive hiking boots, strapped on my pack full of supplies for the day, as well as back-up, in-case-of-emergency-or-unforeseen-challenge equipment, and struck out up a fairly aggressive trail. Read more

Mar 22 2018

While his sustained (and somehow still increasing) individual excellence is, and has been, a marvel to behold, the most incredible aspect of his career has been the success of his teams. Yes, Miami was loaded with LBJ, Wade, and Bosh, but look at the dog shit teams that he played on in CLE. Read more

Feb 16 2018

‘made his way across the country in a “big rig”’ = ’Cooking meth in an RV’

Feb 15 2018

I don’t think that’s the case here. Last Saturday I was skiing Cochran Ski Area in Vermont, and all of a sudden I was in some desert crashing into a fucking kangaroo. For some reason, slope wormholes a real bitch this year. 

Feb 15 2018

Whiteface Mountain is reported to be getting back a first and two second round draft picks.