They’re good dudes, but I know in my heart they’ve seen and heard about sht like this going on, and they don’t say anything. Read more

Okay but sometimes there is one or two really small, extra toasty brown pops at the bottom of the box and they’re absolutely delicious and yes I do live in a state where marijuana is legal, why do you ask? Read more

How fucking conceited and oblivious do you have to be to type that and hit SEND? Do white people have to insert themselves into everything? Read more

You don’t know a lot of Latinx do you? Some of us can be very prejudiced. I knew Hispanics that insisted they were 100% Spanish and had no indigenous or black blood in them. Read more

A bibliography, both for those who would genuinely be interested to help and also for the near-inevitable lunatic trolls (before they even start): Read more

First of all, thank you for the “War on Protests.” I’m going to start using that now, because that is exactly what it is. I’m going to be watching this to see what happens Tuesday. Read more

Damn the protests didn’t stop it but did enough damage the bullies want to scare them from doing it again. It won’t stop them this bullshit makes us resist harder and louder. Read more

So it wasn’t enough for them to trample on our Fourth Amendment rights in the War on Drugs, now they want to trample on the First Amendment in the War on Protests? Read more

Right! I have no idea why people continue to try to talk to this person with logic and reason when they are an obvious troll who has been trolling for a while but bless their hearts. Read more

It’s text book grade-a entitlement; how dare WE get bent out of shape because some narcassistic fool decides that because she feeeels Black she must be right? It’s a compliment that she’s immersed herself in all things rilly....what’s the big deal?!? Read more

STFU. Really, that’s all that your post deserve, tonight. Read more

I’m cackling at your username in relation to this comment haha. Well done! Read more

Who tells a stranger she has “nice skin?”

Rilly? Here’s what makes me uncomfortable...some entitled white broad who thinks she can slip into brown skin without any consequence like it’s sone goddamned accessory.... schadenfreude my Black ass. FUCK. HER. Read more