Apr 4 2017
Personality Personified

This is my friends Nissan 240 that he has poured his heart and soul into, it’s by far one of the most inspired drift

Oct 6 2016
Tre. Three. Tres. Troch.

Is the number of days that a Volvo AW70 transmission will hold up behind 16psi of force-induced Swedish redblock

May 17 2016
Two Wheels Good?

I have recently become interested in doing motorcycle things. I had been on bikes a few times in the past but

Apr 29 2016
Of Ouchies and Happenings.

I was swapping wheels last night and the jack was caught on a peice of gravel, it pulled itself off the pinch weld

Apr 20 2016
6 Spoke on Film

I usually don’t like photos of my car in black and white, but I think I’ll make an exception this time.

Mar 6 2016

I got to try my hand at rolling shots again this weekend, it’s pretty rare I have a helper and can make this happen

Feb 27 2016
Just a Taste

Of what the new lens I got is capable of, I’ll post a full review after the weekend when I have some more chances to

Feb 27 2016
GT-tree fiddy

I didn’t get to get any full car shots of this one thanks to people always being in the way, but I really like what

Feb 17 2016

I think I’m going to start posting more actual photography stuff to Instagram instead of just the random things I

Feb 2 2016
Double Post Power!

Finally got around to editing more of the last roll of film I took. I feel like improvements are happening!

Feb 2 2016

I've been getting better with them I think, but I'm considering buying some other stuff to help with it, diffuser

Jan 27 2016
Carbon Fiber Repair

So I ended up with a 66" APR GT-250 wing for free because it had been used to catch tires after going into the wall