I can't wait for Diablo 4, Modern Warfare and Crash. Yeah crash lol cuz my son broke my ps4 disc and I really don't wanna buy it again  Read more

Same here. I deleted my bookmark but I still come around sometimes because it's a website that I visited regularly from 2010 - 2020 Read more

Yeah. Nowadays polygon has become my go to site. Some old Kotaku people are there.  Read more

This is an extremely crap blog post on kotaku. I can't believe the person used the eshop as the alternative lol. If a person is waiting in line it's cuz they want a physical copy DUH. Off course they can order online and wait for it to arrive, which is the best option in my opinion. Now, creating a whole blog post Read more

It’s really crazy right. She’s free from an ausive relationship while what makes her money are idiots that can’t let go of a virtual girl and end up in a one way abusive relationship with themselves and their wallet. This world is fckd up Read more

Any alternative to BP? Don't have the season pass.  Read more

What a dick move spoiling a late game weapon  Read more

What he is offering is basically required by law in some serious countries however the USA never really gives a damn about worker's rights.  Read more

I was extremely excited too. What really got in my way to enjoy it was the lack of a schedule of sorts like a TV channel would have. Then they broke into xplay channel, aots channel and the main g4 channel. Due to this I actually started watching their podcast more than their main shows and actually started getting Read more

That was a nostalgic comment right there. This site was really amazing wasn't it. I kinda stopped following it religiously after the Jason and Kirk left and splitscreen was a kotaku thing anymore.  Read more

19 and 18 are adults already. I see no problem.  Read more

Laenor has a dragon, it's Seasmoke. There are zero kings landing troops helping in that final battle.  Read more

I'd love it to cover the blackfyre rebellion  Read more

Yeah dark was an absolutely mind bending show. Can't wait for their new series.  Read more

Totally this. In the span of dance of dragons until today I’ve moved to another country, finished college, got married, had a kid and opened my own business. I have zero hope we’ll get a book and it’s sad cuz for good what 5 or 6 years I kept my hype but it’s long gone way before show’s final season Read more

What I'd like to know is if I can play ps4 gamed with my phone. If I can do this then I'd be interested as I don't have a ps4 or 5  Read more

We'll I know coast to coast thru last podcast on the Left and how the always joke about it. Never actually tried to hear an episode though of coast to coast  Read more

Here in Brazil we have a meme that basically says it's our moral duty to pirate Nintendo because of all the shit they do to make the gaming experience harder  Read more

I was nodding along with your text until I read Rothfuss and I was like oh shit. I did the same thing, migrated to Rothfuss after Dance of Dragons and I hated myself.  Read more

I loved the fact that they went with comic book kingpin and not Netflix kingpin. Comics kingpin fits into the MCU much better and could be the big baddie always lurking around the street level heroes.  Read more