May 12

The new “Standard” should be options. At the very least native 1080p x 60 fps for a “performance mode” or a “Graphics mode” at 4k x 30 fps minimum. Basically exactly what Monster Hunter World does. Give people choice in how they want to play their games. Read more

Apr 29

I have actually liked all the AC games. Storywise they have kept me interested to see where they go. 

Apr 7

I don’t know if this is the case in your situation and don’t want to presume, but it might be because you’re used to seeing the pixelated smoke for decades and this doesn’t look “bad” but you have a negative reaction just due to the sudden contrast. Read more

Mar 26

I played X-Men Legends with my nephew a couple weeks ago.
Then I got into Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. Read more

Mar 6

If Paradise is the only Burnout you’ve played, then you don’t know why it’s not a good Burnout.

Mar 6

While the fans do love Paradise, I think 3 is by far the fan favorite of the Burnout series. 3 is still the best the formula has ever been in my opinion, having linear race tracks was so much better than an open world and a GPS you had to try and follow.