Rocky Biddle Oysters
Apr 28

I have the money now, but I value peace and quiet and reliability far more than the fleeting thrill of a throttle stab.

Apr 27

Oh come on now It’s a Chevy Celebrity with an Iron Duke tied to a three-speed slusher. It’s a cheap, useful car not some sort of hidden gem of a ride.

Apr 14

None. I will not be embarrassed to admit my love of any car. You should be embarrassed to be a hater if you give me crap about liking a machine that uses the power of fire to move my fat ass from point A to point B that many someones spent many hours and boatloads of money to design and build.

Apr 13

It doesn’t want to be cool?  Since it’s inherently balanced, I think the I6 wouldn’t care what you think about it.

Apr 9

Dad: What?!?! Do you know how much that window costs to replace?

Apr 5

Something tells me this is an “If I can’t enjoy myself, NOBODY gets to enjoy themselves” kind of dad.

Apr 5

“Still in jail, huh, honey? Too bad. Did I mention the room service at the resort? I did? Well, we get room service. And we went on all your favorite rides, twice, because you couldn’t be with us and it made us feel close to you. In a way where you weren’t actually there.”

Apr 5

On the plus side, the rest of the family went on to enjoy a four-day overbearing-Dad-less vacation of a lifetime!

Mar 8

That all sounds good, truly, and this may sound the height of laziness, but there’s a critical mass of user accounts tied into my gmail account that at this stage? It’d make switching clients a logistical nightmare. I hear the privacy issues but untangling the garden hose of my daily digital life would be immense.

Mar 5

I’ve got what I think was pretty good insurance. They offered me about $3,600, less my $500 deductible. By all accounts this seems like a fair valuation given the milage, even though comparable vehicles with similar milage are going for about twice that. But they told me that’s not really how valuation is Read more

Feb 8

It’s been said before, by myself and people smarter than me, that Trump is a poor man’s idea of wealth, a classless person’s idea of class, and a loser’s idea of success. He appeals to the poor and classless because if they were rich they’d buy the same kind of crap that he does. He appeals to losers because they Read more

Feb 4

Best bad one? Maybe. But the motorcycle one takes the cake as just plain stupid. Is this Cycle World? Why is anyone here interested in this? 

Jan 6

It looks like he forgot to peel that blue protective film off his trim, like when you buy a stainless steel dishwasher.

Jan 4

This is some luddite nonsense. I’m from the “give me a manual or give me death” cult side of things, but no power windows? no power locks? Good lord, WHY? You you still cook over an open flame? Burn wood in an open pit to warm your mud hut? 

Jan 4

Huh. Every time I see the front of these, I think Fox body Mustang. You honestly prefer the looks of this to, say, a 360 or 458?  I’m just intrigued.