Or even older, “Sit on it!”

I’m an old man so I still throw out a “Shazbot!” now and then.

I’m using a 1st gen MS Surface someone at work got rid of because of a cracked screen, connected to a 4tb external drive. Using WiFi too. Works great for my needs. Best thing is when I travel I throw it all in a suitcase with an hdmi cable and a mini Bluetooth keyboard (cause the screen is cracked) and I can connect Read more

The thing I don’t like about Schmidt is that for all the appropriate bitching he does about Trump he never acknowledges that Trump faithfully represents the GOP. He acts like Trump is an anomaly from the GOP. There’s no honest way to rail against Trump without also indicting the entire Republican party. And he never Read more

“He was the guy who got McCain to choose Sarah Palin as a running mate in 2008” Read more

I know for a fact that social media policing their platforms to abide by their own code of conduct is not the same as censorship by the govt. I know also for a fact you have made not a single valid argument.  

I see the problem. You’re confusing freedom of speech with freedom from consequence of speech. If you say something publicly and the public reacts negatively that is reality and has nothing to do with censorship. You’re all over the place on this. Every time I refute something you’ve said, you kick the can down the Read more

Social Media platforms were not designed to be open communication platforms. The users of Facebook are not the customers. The companies who run social media platforms do so to generate a profit from ad revenue. Advertising companies and companies who want to spend money on advertising are the customers. The users Read more

First of all before I answer you, do you really not know the difference between censorship and a non-governmental organization exercising control over their property? Read more

How is that censorship? First of all what I’m calling for already happens. These companies just lack the staff to do it effectively. Secondly it’s not censorship unless the govt is doing it. And lastly I’m talking about accountability. If some Russian troll wants to post lies about when the correct date is to vote Read more

So I’m sure this is wrong for all kinds of reasons but it seems to me that the root of this problem is that these companies have millions upon millions of users/members without the staff necessary to properly administer them, relying on automation to do most of the work. Maybe we need regulation that mandates minimums Read more

That analogy doesn’t work that well. A more apt comparison would be watching a Shakespeare impersonator sit down and write a play. But that doesn’t work too well either since there is no recording of Shakespeare writing. Still even if there was the act of writing isn’t the per formative part of a play. So even less Read more

If money is changing hands in the vicinity of a  Trump, a crime is being planned or committed... stupidly. 

You know what is even better to watch? Queen’s actual performance at live aid. It’s on YouTube, go enjoy it. That’s the thing about biopics that baffles me now that we’re doing biopics of people whose work can actually be seen. No matter how good Malek’s performance is, why wouldn’t I want to just watch Freddie do it?

That’s funny cause I’m the same way with FPS shooters. Never loved the genre but the games usually pushed the boundaries of graphics so I’d always buy, play a little then done.

Yeah my kid’s piano teacher uses an iPad pro with a bluetooth foot pedal for turning pages. It’s pretty awesome. Also I can’t justify the price but I’m drooling over getting one just for comics.

Yeah my kid’s piano teacher uses an iPad pro with a bluetooth foot pedal for turning pages. It’s pretty awesome.

I believe that is actual footage of a Trump cabinet meeting.

“How could we ask our own followers to purchase a $500 Instagram Course that we had barely started ourselves?,” they wrote. “The Instagram Course straight up seemed like a pyramid scheme.” Read more