Jan 5 2015

FYI: Roy Batty's incept date is 1/8/16. Just about a year away.

Feb 5 2013

FYI the free Skylanders giveaway at the Times Square Toys R Us already has a very long line, 4 hours before the event starts.

Jan 23 2013

Anyone else notice that the plot of Ni No Kuni is almost exactly like The Talisman from King/Straub? Not that I'm complaining. It's spectacular.

Jan 17 2013

In honor of the show's return, I ask again: Where is my Archer game?

Dec 4 2012

Can't believe there is no tie-in game for consoles for the Hobbit movie coming out.

Nov 23 2012

Got Max Payne 3 for 15 bucks on Steam. Beautiful game, good gameplay, just not a fan of the dynamic where you only play the action parts and watch the story parts.

Nov 8 2012

Where is my open world RPG based on Bladerunner/Neuromancer? Dues Ex was good but it wasn't open world enough.

Sep 19 2012

It's disgusting that I'm considering purchasing a gamecube just so I can hip my 7yo son to the glory of Rogue Squadron II.

Jul 6 2012

Where the hell is my Archer RPG!!!!! With a 'Just The Tip' mini-game!!!!!

Jun 29 2012

I'm going to chime in and say I don't like the new commenting system because I no longer feeling like I'm part of a on going discussion. The way it's presented, each comment is essentially it's own discussion. And instead of being able to scroll down and skim all the comments, unless I decide to click thru, I'm only Read more