Friday 3:15PM

You took that to mean they got a haircut in the writers room, huh?

Friday 6:45AM

Hot damn, that’s an old tweet and we heard nothing about this. I imagine nobody heard about this show from Netflix for a reason then, not to mention why it got cancelled. Read more

Friday 4:58AM

I’ll concede I could be reading Mackie’s comments incorrectly, but I don’t think he’s upset with this. I think the point he’s (clumsily) trying to make is that depictions of close/strong/whatever male friendships are just gay romances.
Read more

Friday 1:32AM

He told you why, though. It promotes toxic masculinity by not letting sensitive hetero males be express themselves in platonic relationships without being labelled as “gay” or “effeminate”.

Friday 12:32AM

I am absolutely okay with fans shipping and writing slash fics and such and agree that Mackies response is odd. Read more

Thursday 10:10PM

I can sorta see multiple angles on this.

On the one hand, any artist forcefully rebutting why LGBTQ folk might see themselves in a TV-depicted relationship like the one between Bucky and Sam is going to reasonably get pushback. ESPECIALLY if you’re going to forcefully rebut an underdepicted minority group. And there’s Read more

Thursday 9:12PM

*Well as long as it’s not quite disturbing in context such as the continued common “ship” in the Harry Potter fandom where Hermione is commonly paired with Draco, the one who called her subhuman repeatedly, in a Dom-Sub relationship which obviously takes on even more sinister undertones when Hermione is depicted as a Read more

Thursday 8:10PM

It looked for a second there was going to a smart comment about being careful about how you portray characters because you don’t want to “queerbait” fans that want to see themselves on screen. Read more

Thursday 5:29PM

That still remains one of the many baffling failures of Thor 1 & 2 is how they either don’t, even in a small way, attempt to establish so many fun Asgardian characters (Amora, Skurge & Baldur) or do such a poor to mediocre job with the ones they do (Sif & the Warriors 3). I mean Enchantress present around the edges Read more

Thursday 4:32PM

It’s likely the twist is that this isn’t Lady Loki. Her name is Sylvie in some foreign credits and also on a paper you can see for a split second in the show. AKA Enchantress. Which fits given that her power is enchanting people, as Loki points out. Sylvie has a pretty convoluted history in the comics, she’s not the “r Read more

Thursday 4:09PM

She’s definitely some version of Enchantress. They could still make her a variant of Loki but I’m leaning more towards her fooling the TVA into thinking she’s a Loki variant to draw Loki out. Sylvie, in the comics, gets her powers from Loki, who implies he created her, and she certainly doesn’t like him. The comics Read more

Thursday 3:08PM

It’s not Lady Loki. That’s some version of Sylvie Lushton, AKA the second Enchantress. Hence, all the enchanting people. You can see her name when Loki is flipping through papers for a split second and some non-English versions of the show actually name her Sylvie in the credits. Read more

Wednesday 10:09PM

I think it’s virtually certain that the Timekeepers and the whole mythology will turn out to be something really underwhelming and shabby (and/or non-existent) a la The Good Place. It’s almost a trope at this point

Wednesday 12:04PM

Glad someone finally pointed out the obvious Doctor Who vibe to the show, the zaniness, the music, kooky locales, etc. So the variant is a female Loki but I’m also getting potential variation of the Enchantress, which is a character I’m continually surprised they haven’t used in the MCU. Read more

Wednesday 9:29AM

I know, but it still feels like there’s more to the reveal.