5:50 PM

I keep hoping for the commercial where he turns the king, Thomas the Verizon doucebag and the Apple “What’s a computer” kid into Bud Light.

11:42 AM

You’re right there has never been a legit reason to have issues with Hillary Clinton. It’s all disgruntled Bernie Bros or women hating caveman trying to smear your precious princess.

11:21 AM

Jason Jordan is terrible in ring and has no charisma. I am hoping this is leading to a long term story. Maybe Dean comes back and sees that Jordan cost him the Raw Tag Team Titles, and that leads to a heel turn. Read more

11:10 AM

I know we’re not supposed to like him anymore, but I think Louis C.K made a great observation about dealing with other people’s kids.

4:09 PM

The moment Miz hit the 2nd Skull Crushing Finale my immediate thought was “Well at least now I know who the Rumble winner will be.”

1:10 PM

One of the fondest memories I had as a kid was going to the video game section of Toys R Us and playing the display consoles for the SNES and Genesis. My parents realized they had made a huge mistake when they bought me an NES and resolved to never make that mistake again, so I missed out on the 16 bit aka “The Golden

11:33 AM

Can Trump please just give her some 3rd tier appointment to a minor agency that won’t ruin to many people’s lives if it gets destroyed so those of us who despise her can get a real governor in the state?

3:34 PM

I have been wondering where the heck Large Cass is. It feels like it’s been long enough since his injury that he should be close to returning. I am thinking a surprise Rumble entrant.

3:28 PM

I don’t understand the point of slots and video gambling. If i am going to lose money I want to get some socializing and human interaction out of it. If i wanted to stare brainlessly at a screen I could do that at home for far cheaper. Even though I lost most of my money when I went to Vegas for my friend’s bachelor Read more

3:42 PM

The game is pretty straightforward. There isn’t a lot of backtracking and it is pretty linear which can be good or bad depending on what kind of games you like. A few general tips I can give are hack everything and loot everything, standard RPG stuff. Hunt for weapon upgrade stations, but keep in mind thier is a Read more