Oct 20 2016

The Republican establishment knew this after 2008 and certainly after 2012. That is why they wanted candidates like Jeb! and Rubio who, could potentially appeal to Latinos, and while not exactly progressive on women, at least appear to believe women are people. Read more

Sep 17 2016

Oh totally, that flag only represents a fucked up child molester and not someone’s pride in their university. Because PSU grads only care about football, am I right?

Jul 30 2016

I think he’s pathologically addicted to having people hate him. Daddy issues, for sure. I’d ask my dad about it because he had the same affliction, but he’s dead. More times than not I think he passed it on to me, as well. Any problems with that, go fuck yourselves, you terrible bunch of assholes.

Jul 30 2016

Oh no, football and the debate on the same night. If only there was some magical device that could record them at the same time and I could watch both at my leisure, maybe even skipping commercials while I was at it. Sigh... such black magic doth not exist.

Jul 30 2016

Of course he’s full of shit, every single thing he says is a stupid lie. He’ll never debate Clinton in any kind of real neutral setting, he’ll only do it if he can arrange for a moronic circus scene full of screeching idiots who roar over his spastic twitching and dopey insults. He’s a grade-A coward, a sleazy punk, a Read more

Jul 12 2016

I don’t understand everyone praising him for his consistency. I mean, isn’t the point of having a Duncan is so that it can be up-and-down?

Jul 17 2015

I used to play pretty seriously. The rules are simple. The main goal is to achieve “The Queen’s Errand,” or have the most netted balls by the end of the crow’s watch. If the pepper is placed in your path, you have to wheel the cranberry using only the poetic side of your bike. The lines on the court indicate the Read more

Jul 10 2015

I just hope that after all this DeAndre is able to move into a community with a bigger gate.

Oct 29 2014

Ballark is just a little off. There's definitely a history of iconic Jets players being haunted by spirits.