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At this point we can only presume that Miller’s continued ability to foil law enforcement is due to the critical weakness of the bloated and intrusive post-9/11 global surveillance apparatus run by the United States being the same as much of the internet, a complete inability to cope with non-binary identity and Read more

“Most regular people have never heard of Subaru” Read more

I get that new concepts and words can be hard. The singular “they” in English only goes back to the 14th century Read more

I just love the fact that this article attracted two completely separate comments featuring Gilbert Gottfried GIFs, which is entirely appropriate. Read more

There are two sentences that may need to be corrected: Read more

God bless the Senate! It truly is a gift to the entire world that a career politician from West Virginia (population: 1.8 million) hold up a monumental piece of legislation that is favored by a majority of Americans (population: 330 million). Even the Turtle must be jealous of Joe’s special moment. Read more

I too have poor sleeping habits and smoke daily. But those sleep problems existed well before and weed actually gets me to sleep.
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Looking at that vid clip thumbnail, this sounds like something that might’ve made it onto your ‘List of inventor’s killed by their own inventions’ slide.
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Bootlickers in the comments be like

I’ve mentioned this before on here, but the driver-side cup holder in the Fit is absolutely genius, and it’s crazy to me that it hasn’t been adopted by more models - even within Honda. That is usually just wasted space - and I can’t think of a better place to put a coffee when you’re driving. You can see it and reach

Not sure if it qualifies as dirt cheap but first gen Honda CR-Vs came with a folding table in the spare tire compartment. I think they still have them to this day but they’re definitely not dirt cheap anymore. Read more

Photo for those who don’t know—the bench flips upward

The magic seats in the Honda Fit.
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Yeah, it is gut wrenching. To carry that in, walking proud...legend.

Still rooting for everybody Black. Naomi is giving me Angelica Pickles’ doll vibes and I love it. Read more

Dan Levy’s look is a tribute to American artist (and AIDS activist) David Wojnarowicz. It is inspired by his piece “F**k You F**got F**ker”. His purse is printed with the piece “Untitled (One Day This Kid...)“, which makes me cry and I can’t imagine carrying it around all night without bursting into tears but I think Read more