Lana del ¿Qué?
Feb 22 2019

One of the things that struck me about Office Space is the way it shows how fickle office friendships and alliances can be – the slightest change in circumstances can turn the best of friends into mortal enemies, and vice versa.
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Feb 22 2019

Ughhhhhhhhhh this makes me want to jump off a bridge while simultaneously sobbing and screaming. We pay more per week than you do per month. This is one of the main reasons we cannot afford to buy a place, because we literally cannot save enough for a down payment (though being out of work for almost 2 years and Read more

Feb 22 2019

We live in Boston, Massachusetts, in a walkable neighborhood to downtown Boston, so take with a grain of salt that things are knowingly expensive here. I have a 1.5 year old daughter and we pay $1,600 a month for her care, and that is literally the cheapest option we could find in downtown Boston. Most centers hover Read more

Feb 8 2019

That’s just what I thought! My husband died two days before Christmas 2018 after having stage four cancer diagnosis and living longer, much longer, than predicted. Read more

Feb 7 2019

Yeah, a law firm where I interviewed proudly showed me their ‘mindfulness’ initiative - which was mandatory meditation classes at 6am once a week. I actually laughed out loud in disbelief - obviously it would make more people more stressed, not less, but it probably let the firm tick a box about mental health Read more

Feb 7 2019

Yeah we had this- myself and a few colleagues were offered counseling by a manager to ‘help you cope with the stress of change’ when actually we were stressed because they’d tripled our workload. We constantly get this presentation on how big changes can lead to depression and it’s like no, we’re not depressed and Read more

Jan 28 2019

There was an early episode of Brooklyn 99 where Terry had to fill in for the police sketch artist and Terry Crews actually drew the sketches. I heard him interviewed about it and he said his mom was so excited because people would finally get to see his art. I love him.

Jan 23 2019

What I love, and what I hope people notice, is that they were striking to demand things that help the STUDENTS, not so much the teachers. In other words: teaching- we DAMN SURE don’t do it for the money. Read more

Jan 8 2019

I am short, grey-haired, and about to turn 54. I am therefore completely invisible. Even the weirdos and the drunks ignore me now because there’s no mileage in trying to score a cheap laugh by trying to scare a woman over 50: apparently I’m scarier than they are, just by dint of date of birth. Read more

Dec 14 2018

But, according to him, he _never_ asked for _anyone_ to be fired.

Dec 14 2018

100% hard agree. It was a moving wonderful film and I really do not understand how it's been so harshly criticised. As a bi person how Mary reacts is how many people react when you tell them you're bi. 

Dec 14 2018

Okay, I did see this movie, after reading all the criticism about it and you know what? It’s a damn good movie, very enjoyable, and Rami Malek does an amazing job. I don’t think they make it look like his sexuality is why he died, but they don’t focus a lot on his death in general. They focus on his life, which Read more

Dec 14 2018

The movie itself is...not good. The writing, pacing, directing, and editing, are all awful. I didn’t believe for a second Freddie’s relationship with his band mates, girlfriend, boyfriends, or parents. The time hops were choppy, the script was terrible. But holy shit was Rami Malek fantastic. I believed he was Freddie Read more

Dec 14 2018

Our local Kimberly Clark that manufactures Kotex just announced it is closing and laying off hundreds of workers. No mention of a recall in the business headline. Imagine that. Read more

Dec 6 2018

It’s so dumb. I only hope that the true etymology of the word works its nominative determinist magic and the child grows up to be a farmer.

Dec 2 2018

“lean in" = because don't ask the men in charge to do anything; try to make major changes all by yourself, you peon! Don't forget to smile!

Dec 2 2018

The worst boss I’ve ever had would always tell women they needed to “lean in” (which in her mind meant taking all the bullshit she threw at you and then lied about.) When I hear people say the term “lean in” now, my first reaction is to gag and then my second reaction is “Oh, you’re one of those bullshit corporate Read more

Oct 17 2018

You will have to explain that statement a little more, I don’t see the parallels though I only know the high points of Ex Machina, I didn’t see the movie.