rillweid - Now with more TRD and less TDI
Jun 10 2019

Tried to sell soul for the Knicks to get to the conference Finals.........but James Dolan traded it for Andrea Bargnani.

Apr 5 2019

64 yr old was British, that was his hard Brexit.

Apr 4 2019

So many people make this website what it is every day for its readers, and most people never see their bylines on the site. Kavi’s one of those people. It can’t be overstated just how much Kavi’s done for Jalopnik and its readers. Any contentious story, any big investigation, anytime we had a question about who or Read more

Mar 17 2019

i wonder if he’ll get accepted to jale.  

Dec 15 2018

Thank you my friend i will be sure to join. Thank you also on my behalf and my fellow Kurds to all US troops who have over the years sacrifised their lives to help protect and serve our regions. Your country has some true honest to god heros.

Dec 15 2018

Hahaha, i do exist Jason and i am one of Jalopnik’s biggest Kurdish fans. Hope everyone enjoyed the video.

Dec 12 2018

“Why would anyone choose to be a conservative?” Intelligence. Desire to see actual improvement in the lives of those the left holds as useful idiots. The belief that life is not an zero sum game. Awareness that posturing for an “attaboy” from the high priests of political correctness has no value in the real world. Read more

Nov 19 2018

I think that’s why it doesn’t drive like a huge car today. Everything else got bigger, but this is basically Accord-sized now. 

Jun 1 2018

Somewhere in Rhode Island, there is an equally baffling Protégé limo.