rillweid - Now with more TRD and less TDI
May 5 2018

This article from Motortrend details an in depth professional analysis of Model 3 build quality and manufacturing

Jan 17 2018
Snownuts in NC

Got about 10” today in NC and had a good time playing. Did two full miles of donuts in the parking lot. It was a

Nov 16 2017

I filmed this Video a few weeks ago of my truck. It burns something(gas/oil?) on startup. This only happens on cold

Oct 24 2017
Aaanndd its over...

For those who haven’t been following, BAT pulled the listing on the 440-6bbl. Some major inconsistencies in the car.

Sep 19 2017
Oppo Hive Mind Help

As some of you may’ve seen, I recently purchased a 2011 Tacoma T/X Pro. I still haven’t seen another one on the