right in the junk

Thank you for an excellent post. I love the don’t worry about rambling comment because I’m a rambler and take a lot of flack for it. I actually like the longer posts here and on reddit. Color me crazy. Read more

Someone get him off the bottle and into some kush so he can live his life and learn to just let stuff go.
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Dammmm. I love that song. In particular, the lyrics: Read more

Dongs are incredibly durable and when in ‘sport mode’ and can take a lot of impact. You might be thinking of testicles or perhaps the scrotum. Read more

You lost little one minute and seven second chunks of your life at a time, but now? Now you’re free. I mean yeah, sure hackers are spying on you. And... so is the NSA and FBI is too and they help the CIA and MI6. And you only get to spend half your gross income and when you do, you’re... well paying more taxes and if Read more

I volunteer at a food bank. It’s very poorly organized and is managed about as well as a liter of puppies would be without their mom around. Read more

No thank you. I think it’s against the law. This whole college rape thing isn’t going to be taken seriously with with things like that jackie bitch lying and the duke lacrosse boys being falsely accused. Read more

Like that girl at virginia or virginia tech, jackie who was raped? They took her seriously she screwed over every woman since then because she wanted to date a boy who didn’t want her so she made up a big drama that the rolling stone bought into. Bitch all you can doesn’t always work. Read more

Yup. Like that case at Virginia Tech with that Jackie girl that was assaulted. Read more

There will be plenty of parking around and under the stadium. Let’s not panic just yet.
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That’s true, but there’s a whole lot more gas being used than just idling because they have to first get to the place where they’re going to idle. Plus, there is bus service. Read more

Yup, soccer moms be pissed off waiting to drop their little cherub off. Meanwhile, they tell their peers “that’s our quality time together” on the trip to the school. smh. Read more

Scary? I LOL’d at it. Not too bright to attempt to confront a driver that just totally and purposely rammed another vehicle because the driver is obviously violent. It only escalated the situation. To each their own. At least it made for good video. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of jail time, if any, the Read more

I’ve been on the bottom of three piles for game winning shots and your is well founded. Read more

Great, now women are excluding women. Why not just add some men? Read more