“microwaved food ‘the best way to kill yourself, really really fast.’”

I’m 53 years old. My father always likes to have the greatest stuff, so I’ve been eating food out of a microwave since I was in elementary school. I wouldn’t call 45 or so years “really really fast.” Read more

My summer camp used to take a small group of us to a nude beach each summer (it was the 80's and it was a hippy dippy camp!).  I remember one girl, who could not go without wearing a bra due to her breast size, got sunburned on her nipples.  It was very much not pleasant for her (she shared that much with us). Read more

If you get out of your car and see you’re parked over or too close to the line, too far in or too far out, hindering someone’s access to their car, or otherwise like an asshole, get back in your car and fix it. I don’t care if you drive a pickup so big you need a ladder to get in it with tires so wide they have their Read more

I used to print on smooth PEI and had on and off problems with PTEG.  I read on Prusa’s website (might have been in the forums) to use Windex.  It fixed all the problems.  (I use textured PEI now because my smooth PEI isn’t smooth anymore and I didn’t want to buy a new one when I had a textured one on hand.  The key Read more

If you have trouble with PTEG sticking to your print bed, cleaning it with Windex instead of IPA will help it stick better. Read more

How about a motorcycle version of this article? Read more

I don’t lean my seat back. I used to fly a lot and I believe that my room is the space from under the seat in front of me to as far back as my seat goes.  So if the person in front of me leans their seat back, I have no problem with that.  It’s their space.  But I don’t like it when it happens to me, so I don’t lean Read more

I’ve received two in the past two days, and was wondering how I should go about reporting it. I don’t want my number to be a spam number, so I can’t just forward it to spam.  Looks like I really have no option.  My messaging app doesn’t have an option to setup rules like an email client would, so I can’t even do that. Read more

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This is gonna sound stupid, but I learned the “just listen” lesson from White Men Can’t Jump:

My kids are all grown now.  This is the best parenting hack I ever pulled off.  When kids first start taking meds, they usually can’t get a pill down easily.  I went to the store and bought a tube of mini M&Ms and a bag of M&Ms for each kid.  Then I gave them a handful of mini’s and told them to eat them.  Then I gave Read more

Three masks per adult, but no communication between pharmacies to see if you’ve already had your three, I’d be willing to bet. Read more

As long as the slideshows get them more of those sweet, sweet ad dollars, they’re going to keep doing them.  There’s only one way to make them stop. Stop clicking on them. Read more

I took my kids to an outdoor concert to see some popstar they liked. It was all standing room and in the sun. The guy in front of me was a fellow redhead and his neck started to look a little red to me. I took out my sunscreen, tapped him on the shoulder and offered it to him. He was so grateful. I was like, dude, I Read more

As a redhead who burns easily and needs SPF 50 on a cloudy day (I may be exaggerating a little bit, but not much), I’ll share my sure fire advice to not getting burned.  NEVER, EVER, GO OUTSIDE!  BIG BLUE ROOM BAD! BURNING ORANGE BALL HATE YOU! NO GO OUTSIDE! Read more

Two out of three of my kids had several suicide attempts. All of them have been hospitalized for suicidal thoughts. The one thing this article fails to do is to stress the importance of getting professional help for your child as soon as possible. Take them to someone who is a professional therapist (licensed, Read more

I went out on my weekly trip on Sunday. I wear a mask even though I’m fully immunized because the person next to me doesn’t know if I’m immunized, and might not feel safe if I’m not wearing a mask. I saw about 40-50% of people without masks, and I didn’t feel safe, because I don’t know if they are fully immunized, or Read more

Or you could find a salon that will cut your hair for free and donate your locks to make wigs for children going through chemo.  Your hair would be worth a lot more to them than it any money you make would be to you. Read more

Someone please tell me I have these things wrong, and I’m just too old to understand. Read more

$50 for Mario 3d All Stars is not a deal.  Walmart sells it for that every day. And they’ll ship for free, too (as of right now when I just checked).  Walmart pretty much sells all non-console Nintendo stuff at $10 less than MSRP.  Games are all $50.  The Pro Controller and Joy-Cons are $10 less. Read more

$50 for Mario 3d All Stars is not a deal.  Walmart sells it for that every day. And they’ll ship for free, too (as