Aug 8

In any kind of real world setting, some network exec would have said “This is a really bad idea, Alex” instead of greenlighting this.

Aug 8

In any kind of real world setting she would have been court-martialed and sent packing long ago.

Jun 27

Toxic fans, aka the ones that have a perfectly painted death Korps of krieg army, complete with 'not at all swastikas'?

Jun 26

r/4oklore on reddit is community with lots of ressources to helb newbies that want to explore the lore side of 40k.
It has stuff about where to beginn and there is a thread where you can ask every (stupid/newbie) question that is stickied to the top of the Sub every few weeks for a while. Read more

Jun 26

There is plenty of good fiction from the black library. Good starters are Gaunt’s Ghosts which is regular human army, Eisenhorn, which is a bit more personal and more bad ass showing the inquisition. The Horus Heresy series will give you are history of where we are now (or in 40k terms ) and as its galaxy spanning, Read more

Jun 26

This is a universe I always want to try and get into, but it just seems so sprawling and relentlessly insane that it’s actually quite intimidating knowing where to even begin (I’m not a tabletop gamer, so more just looking for fiction around it all). Read more

Jun 2

Jet was the captain of the ship so you can assume he was the leader but it sounds like they’re switching it up due to Spike’s actor being older I guess.-_-

Mar 20

Dave, when someone asks you if you’re a god, you say yes!

Mar 6

Oh, I just had a mean thought. I half hope that Valve makes two sequels to this game, called Half-Life: Alyx Episode 1 and Half-Life: Alyx Episode 2, and ends the second one on a cliffhanger...

Feb 27

I am hoping they made this trailer for the general moving going audience and keeping the candyman Easter eggs for the actual movie.

Feb 17

I was never a fan of that art. Even as a 12-year-old, it was obvious to me the artist had never read the story.

Dec 21

> And the rhetorical gesture of it—centering the Star Wars series on the new trilogy, instead of the original, feels odd. Like a weird in-fiction power play to center Disney’s contributions over, y’know, Lucas’s. Read more