Dec 18 2018

You’re gonna get a lot of tone deaf feedback from that, but just know that you aren’t alone in thinking a good bad take at least makes you want to think and not just think whether you want to say gtfo or potentially write paragraphs you will eventually delete because you can’t be sure they are trolling with such a Read more

Dec 14 2018

Your top tier is very similar to mine except I’d replace Civil War with Thor Ragnarok.

Dec 14 2018

Sure, I’d support it. Then I’d make a huge batch of popcorn and watch as whomever did such a dumb fuck thing was roundly and deservedly blown out for doing so. You seem to not understand how this whole thing works, but that isn’t terribly shocking.

Dec 4 2018

Dude, slow down you’ve still got to drive home.  

Nov 17 2018

No, it’s more about the idea that it would wipe out hoards of Harvard and Yale graduates, which inherently makes the world a better place. Read more

Nov 12 2018

It’s certainly a step up from the Work Sets You Free sign they have on entering the training complex.

Nov 12 2018

Wait, that Wing ISO where Mello holds the ball for 9 seconds and does a step back jumper is over?

Nov 5 2018

Just a looper doing the right thing, looking to receive total consciousness on his deathbed, good on him.