Ricepuddin a shitty superhero

Except of course they already are in jail. Read more

Yes you should sell your civic. Read more

Umm... as the author of every 370 article that gets posted to the front of Jalonik pages I am reading, are you part of the 'media as a whole'?

I don't know about you but the fact that a pilot had two REALLY BAD DAYS and had FLIGHT SIMULATOR VIDEO GAMES in his home feels just like whoring 'news' out for site views. Read more

Poetry in motion, nothing cruel or unusual about it, although I wouldn't be opposed to turning into a slightly more brief version of "The Truman Show" Read more

If this happens, I will meet you there in / on my GTO or SV650 or GPZ 550 as your chase vehicle. Make it a weekend please though. Realistically I would tow the bike there with the GTO so there might be opportunities for additional antics... and I'm sure we can get some other Austin jalops out.

Twisted sisters are the Read more

Toyota is the Gran Turismo/Duke Nukem of cars. Read more

I'm rather indifferent to Toyota either way, but I accompanied a female friend to a Toyota dealer last year to look at a RAV4 and the sales manager kept trying to push her to buy a leftover (and heavily discounted) 2012 FJ. Read more

Or they own licenses but because the computers are connected to classified networks they can't easily register them. But I agree this makes a better headline. Read more

Hey media:
Stop giving these assholes the attention and airtime. Whenever their shit gets posted online and shown on TV, they win. They don't deserve the attention, so stop giving it to them. Read more

Stop giving Media Coverage to these assholes. Read more

So, the CVT will come standard with the I hate life package? Read more

Hello Subaru product planners:

They are worried that if Tesla is allowed direct to consumer sales, a legal precedent will exist to let EVERY automaker bypass dealerships and make money all for themselves with no middle man to deal with. Read more

Hey Florida...