7:14 AM

Am I the only one that loathes autoplay? I mean, if I’m interested, I can click the “Play Trailer” button. It’s not that difficult. Also, the autoplay lags my scrolling through the menu regardless. So, stop it, Netflix. It’s one of the main reasons I go to Netflix last if I want to watch a movie now.

1:01 PM

Cannabis produces THC-A naturally and that compound is more or less non psychoactive until a heat source is applied turning the THC-A into psychoactive THC via a process known as decarboxylation. This story sounds 100% fake to me.

6:01 PM

I lost my husband eight months ago, after a 15 month battle with pancreatic cancer. Now, the last thing I want to think about is cooking. However, since I have a 12 year old, I have to feed her. So not only do I have to do something I have no desire to do (half of the time I have little to no appetite) but it is also Read more

5:46 PM

The Pleasures of Cooking for One by Judith Jones is a lovely cookbook that helped me deal with cooking for myself after a loss that involved myself in the joy of food and not just the motions of mealtime. It took a long time to reclaim spaces that were shared with the person I lost, like restaurants and favorite bars, Read more

12:52 PM

Spending good money on an excellent knife, then immediately destroying it by throwing it in the dishwasher to save 30 seconds of hand washing is a real Jim Spanfeller thing to do.

5:08 PM

I’m going to make a movie just like Yesterday where a guy wakes up and suddenly nobody but him remembers Steely Dan, and it will be a documentary about my life.

6:46 PM

Ha, ha. No, just a guy lives in Denver and have seen and heard of people getting busted and fired because “vape pens don’t smell.” I’ve clued a few younger guys I work with (at work events) into the fact that they smell like weed when they didn’t think they did because they vaped it. Also, a bus driver in the school Read more