lol, so it’s more of a loading screen type thing?

I used to have a balcony that faced the middle school from a few hundred yards away. One year I made a habit out of practicing between 2:30 and 3:30 while the kids were walking home. I figured: love me or hate me, the kids were getting a cool memory/story. Read more

ah, yeah, no. I’m pretty sure my racist aunt and uncle could handle a menu, but those posters had LOTS of words on them . . . and Sean Hannity wasn’t yelling any of them. Read more

Dammit, if this kind of thing continues, I’m going to have to root for the Eagles this year . . Read more

This will be interesting. I’ve always thought it was a little nuts that by valves standards, I could bash a hooker’s brains in, but not see her naked. Read more

Agreed. I remember playing Fallout 4 and having to crank the voices way way up. It wasn’t until like three days of /played that I realized “hey, I can turn on subtitles.” Read more

You’d be blown away what can be done with a rumble pack. that adancement brought a lot of games that are sound based to the deaf community. Read more

Even in cities with lots of deafs, the community is quite tightly knit. One of the very first things that happens when deafs, CODAs, or interpreters meet is trying to figure out who you all know in common, and it’s extremely rare that the answer is “nobody.” After that, a signed name travels just like your name does: Read more

ASL interpreter here, and I disagree with virtually everything you just said. Read more

Clinton’s response was that he resented Colbert’s implication that he had “never tried to come to grips” with what he did. Read more

It kind of depends on what you’re trying to do. I use these for things like sports events or mowing the lawn.

I’ve played the bagpipes for a number of years, and it’s something like 75% of us end up with either repetitive stress injuries or hearing loss. *pause for inevitable joke about “karma”* That community is extremely traditional, and it can often be seen as some kind of failing to wear earplugs, as though you aren’t Read more

I’m flat out shocked by how many people in the comments are somewhere in the “yeah, but they sort of have a point,” to the “you just don’t get it, these guys see the world for what it really is,” end of the spectrum. Read more

Is it a reading issue? Are you just really bad at context? I feel like you think you’re catching me out by taking four words out of a sentence then responding to them, but I’m not even sure that’s well thought out enough to qualify as a strawman, much less a point of view. Read more

I really need some clarification on this raisins thing, since it’s come up a few times. I’ve been white for virtually my whole life, and never seen raisins in potato salad, though I’ve seen them put in some really ridiculous dishes. Anyway, is this regional? Maybe a New England thing, something like that? Read more

Far to familiar. Just point. Read more

It seems like people have morphed a sort of “how to get along with kids in general,” article into, “what I have specific personal issues with people doing around my kids,” thread, and if there’s one thing you can definitely take from any discussion about kids, it’s that there is a 100% chance that some parent isn’t Read more

Haha, I made some stupid joke like this to a friend of mine who has several girls, more in the vein “wow, you’re going to have to chase off three teenage girls worth of teenage boys all at once,” than “wow she’s going to be hot someday.” Read more

Hmmm, point taken. I don’t know how true the deep-seated issues thing is though. People have the right to have opinions about all sorts of random stuff that doesn’t concern them. Hell, the level of grossed out I’ve been by the horrifying things I’ve seen parents do in restaurants with their kids *shudder*, and that Read more