Detective Rex Hardbody
Sep 23 2015

Whoa... yeah, I have no clue what they’re talking about. I read it a couple times and I still have no clue who “they” or “you” are, or what happened to this person. My only takeaway is that they are incredibly angry (maybe at the media?) and more than a little out-of-touch with reality. I’m honestly a little concerned. Read more

Feb 17 2015

She is 17 and Clayton is 28. He's the one who should stay the fuck away from her.

Oct 17 2014

Actually that statement is true. TERFs do hate trans people and try to sabotage their lives. Going as far as contacting their doctors and trying to get treatment stopped. Read more

Jul 12 2014

And Shaun Livingston gets front page props for signing a deal nobody thought he'd ever get. That's pretty awesome.

May 21 2014

It's Boston, Tom. There's no need to point out that something is white.

Apr 30 2014

Again, there's more on this list than just the top five. And if you didn't already know what the top five law schools were, a ranking telling you "Actually, Florida State is a much better law school than Yale" wouldn't look "newsworthy" so much as "incredibly stupid."

Apr 15 2014

Of all the things that never happened, this story never happened the most.

Feb 26 2014

I would never hit Ty. He'd charge the mound and knife me to death if I did. Then he'd choke out my wife for trying to stop him. Then stab a bell hop (for kicks). Then he'd get inducted into the hall and we'd all call him a hero because... you know... he did it all without PED's.