Thursday 3:12PM

This. Some of them happen to wear suits and drive nice cars, but they’re only a couple steps away from this:

Thursday 3:11PM

If white folks were seeing an actual reckoning of any kind for their past deeds, he might have had a point....somehow. However, I don’t see 43 states submitting 253 ballot initiatives keeping them from freely voting. There are still sundown towns across the country that don’t affect white people at all. Not only do Read more

Thursday 3:09PM

Tik Tok dance memes are create by black people, blues, rock and roll, dancing, rhythm, towns, cities, wealth, happiness, culture, family but if you see that white people, they destroy or take away every piece of what is listed and white wash the history of it.

Thursday 3:05PM

Rock and Roll was created, titled and made fantastic by Black people. I give credit where it’s due - thank you Jimmy Page and Robert Plant (blues guys might have an issue with them stealing but they did it right unlike say...Pat Boone), and mostly (for me) the Police and U2 - for furthering the art form. There are Read more

Thursday 2:38PM

Wypipo swear that if you teach our children to critically examine how Americans “legally” committed atrocities against Native Americans, Black Americans, Chinese Americans and Japanese Americans this will cause them to hate the white Americans. LMAO

Thursday 1:23PM

They did raise the bridge!
There are sewer / water lines under that roadway, so the road can’t be lowered. 

Thursday 1:01PM

I can’t recall the details, but there’s a good reason why they can’t. It’s a rail bridge. I think the slope approaching it is already at the limit or something. Read more

Thursday 11:56AM

No, you ARE the judge of that. We learned that in driver’s ed class for crying out loud. And if you pull over incorrectly, a ticket is absolutely a sure thing, that much I know from LEOs. Read more

Thursday 10:29AM

How's that boot taste getting shoved down your throat?

Wednesday 6:32PM

Jesus fucking Christ, real life is not a Need for Speed game. What the fuck kind of power trip was he on? He could have killed her and her unborn child (so much forpro-life”) just because she was speeding? And then he has the sheer audacity to basically say “well this is what you get”??? Fuck these cops. He needs to Read more

Wednesday 3:07PM

Think if you know anyone who is a cop or has a cop as a relative. Then ask yourself if normal people want to be around them. They tell themselves that it is because they do a dangerous job so they are special. Actually, it is because they are sociopaths with a God complex.

Wednesday 2:50PM

Your comment initially sounds reactionary, but my anecdotal experience is that 3 out of 4 people I’ve known who wanted to go into law enforcement were the most delinquent teens I’ve known. 

Wednesday 1:20PM

Law Enforcement - the preferred occupation of C student high school bullies.