Rev Les Crowley

I seriously doubt that someone who never viewed a single underage image would be procecuted for simply accessing a site that happens to host them. Read more

They will; tightening CAFE rules insure it. Read more

“Zen And The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” was in your freshman philosophy class? Read more

True. It’s way worse. I eventually dumped my iMac because of the whole “no user serviceable parts inside” thing, but it worked well enough while I had it. Read more

Nowadays, most manufacturers of expensive luxury cars know how to build them so they don’t need repairs ten minutes after delivery, even on new models. Read more

Presidential candidate Robert Kennedy was assassinated after winning the California primary. Candidate George Wallace was shot and paralyzed while running strongly in the ‘72 primaries. The Secret Service is involved because they need to be. Read more

Its good seeing the staight-6 making a comeback. I don’t know what car-manufacturers went away from it. Read more

Smooth as hell, the straight-8 is. Read more

I’ve never gone to a strip club or titty bar for basically the same reason - I’d feel like I was being exploited. Read more

The idea that you should take the Bible literally was actually not a thing until the 19th century. Fundies are a reaction to modernism, not a survival of some genuine ancient tradition. The Catholic church, for example, says evolution is true - as do the non-crazy Protestant denominations. Read more

I’ve already had the FBI visit over a blog post (or because my Ex was up for an TS/SCI clearance). They’re like the Mooninites in Aqua Teen Hunger Force ... adversarial, but oddly non-effective. Read more

And in fact the Japanese had an active biowar program during WWII, so it fits. Read more

Something more like a Pol Pot scenario. The Japs shut down power and oil and coal delivery, turn off the railroads (at least in metro areas), and force-march city people out into the country, where of course they all die. Read more

It certainly makes for a good alternate history plot twist though, doesn’t it? Read more

Presumably it qualifies because it was designed to fly. Hughes was only supposed to taxi it; even the “ground effects” flight was unauthorized. Read more

Now you’ve got me thinking about a genuinely cool alternate history scenario. Read more

You shut down electricity and oil distribution, and wait for a lot of the population to die off. Read more

Indeed. Hitler planned to retire in 1950. Read more

It’s like White Castle sliders; you have to be exposed young to develop the antibodies. (Someone with old Dutch names on their mom’s side) Read more