reverberocket is nipping the apex..and gently blowing in it's ear.
Aug 7

Correct headline: idling in traffic with your windows down in developing countries with minimal pollution controls increases your exposure to pollution (which may or may not be a meaningful increase that has health outcomes because we didn’t test that).

May 28

Hyundai Elantra GT. They look good, have plenty of space, are low, are comfortable. I had a previous-gen model until a stray Dominoes driver punted it into a hedge, and now I have the current gen, and it’s pretty much ticking every box. Fold down the back seat and your dog even has enough space to hold a dog concert. 

May 14

There are a few cars sharing their names with some of the moons in the solar system. Like the Nissan Titan (one of Saturn’s moons).

Apr 9

As for it being “super illegal” to run a Cannonball... Last time I checked, this was a car enthusiast blog Read more

Feb 24

Miles of fun, the song practically gets stuck in your head!

Feb 23

^^So much this^^ Discovery Networks, which includes TLC, The Science Channel, etc., *used* to be an amazingly wonderful altruistic organization, dedicated to educating and expanding the knowledge, hearts, and minds of many. However, apparently that’s a bad thing for some, so it was turned into the very antithesis of Read more

Feb 23

Discovery has been absolute TV trash for about 2 decades now.
This story was bound to be published any time because this moron has been trying to do it for some time now. 

Feb 9

I caused an “incident” in 8th grade with an old mower that turned into a school legend. In the winter, the maintenance guys would store the push mowers they used in the tighter areas around the school building, which was built on a very strange chunk of land. A flat area in back, but on one side was a creek, and the Read more

Jun 14 2018

You could have gone with Honda for Earth, even though it’s just an engine family and not a vehicle.