REO Jackwagon
Jul 23

Holy crap, I hope that the other Editors outed that name to David because that is going too far. Contacting someone’s employer because they are upset about their “property value” is not okay. It’s old cars not a meth house

Jul 21

You make them sound like horrible cars. They still beat the 1.5 turbos in practical fuel economy, and that super low rev gobs of torque is wonderful. No need to baby the throttle. The case for them is harder these days but it is by no means gone. No one is cross shopping a VW diesel with a Tesla.

Jul 18

I keep being surprised at all the bougie prudes on this site who apparently feel the need to give a goddamn what their neighbors do and how they keep their yard. But I shouldn’t be. Most of you bitching aren’t about that life with grease under your fingernails and gasoline in your veins. You’re desk jockeys who write Read more

Jul 2

It’s like she’s waiting for that moment to jump out with the gun. Both parties could have walked (or driven)away at any time. Read more

Jul 2

I too, hate media companies attempting to do the due diligence of verifying information before posting a story that might impact people’s lives.

Jun 26

I’m going out on a limb and say that this was a dumb thing to do.

Jun 23

I look at the 3000GT as the LFA back then. It wasn’t the fastest or the most reliable, but it was such a masterpiece in technology. Active Aero, 4 wheel steering, active exhaust with somewhat affordability. Heck most super cars today don’t even have all of that.

Jun 9

and they always marked out their floor plans with grids of string and pegs. It’s amazing anyone could walk around without tripping over.

Jun 8

Equally mysterious is why no matter where you do archaeology, you’ll find that graves, cities, and other ruins contain red and white or black and white striped sticks.

Jun 5

For some reason You calling something janky gives me chills

Jun 5

Put up a camera and you could have your own version of 11'8" bridge videos. Or the always funny parking-lot-island car on rock videos.

Jun 5

10+ years, at least 5 impacts, no one is going to sue if they can’t stay on the road. There is also a stop sign in my yard about 3 feet away from the rock. How many people sue when they hit stop signs? The last person to hit it was a neighbors cleaning lady. We all laugh about it. Its not hidden, its a rock the size Read more

Jun 4

First off, I am a competent equipment operator, and I personally would have refused to load that rock with that piece of equipment. Probably I would have refused to load it at all since it clearly was more weight than that vehicle was qualified to support. (If forced, I would have loaded it with a forklift. Never a Read more

Jun 4

I love how Bubba & Son are hassling the minicat driver. “I thought you was an operator!” and telling him how to do his job. Not shown is the part where they insisted he put the rock in their tiny truck, and shouted down his objections. I’m sure the operator was grinning ear-to-ear the rest of the day.