REO Jackwagon
4/16/21 2:53PM

Those asshole trees have been stirring up shit for years.

4/16/21 2:29PM

Every morning on the bus I had to listen to that Z100 zoo shit. I hate, nay, I loathe morning talk shows.

4/16/21 1:14PM

I don’t understand why radio stations, especially rock stations, insist on hiring people to yap about nonsense in the morning instead of...actually playing music.”

4/16/21 12:36PM

I was sick of hearing what seemed like 20 minutes of talk, 10 minutes of commercials and only about 10 minutes of music during my drive.” Read more

4/16/21 12:21PM

Glad you came out of it whole, and fuck morning DJ blabber.  The only terrestrial radio I listen to any more is the college station, and I don’t listen to that often either.  Actually, now I listen to an all-talk source.  Audiobooks!

4/15/21 6:16PM

Other teens that attend this school have been shot on their way home from school or in the afternoon hours after school. All separate incidents, I believe some of them were drive by. So I’m not sure if the police are investigating this as four separate incidents, but there have been no suspects or decent leads. But as Read more

4/15/21 1:23PM

Don’t worry, the media will pick up the ball and start reporting on the F he got in math in the 3rd grade...

7/21/20 9:42PM

You make them sound like horrible cars. They still beat the 1.5 turbos in practical fuel economy, and that super low rev gobs of torque is wonderful. No need to baby the throttle. The case for them is harder these days but it is by no means gone. No one is cross shopping a VW diesel with a Tesla.