Jan 8 2018

Lets not confuse things: this car is only fun because its a badge engineered Mazda2. We all know if this were Toyota through and through, looking at an off white wall would be more exciting than driving it.

Jan 4 2018

In his defense, storing anything other than gas in a gas can is not a wise move. Unless it had huge labels on it.

Jan 2 2018

1. That Tesla interior with no gauges looks like boring doodoo.
2. Warning lights can fail.
3. I’d want to know as soon as my car was operating out of the norm. A light wouldn’t let me know until it’s already become a problem.
4. Why would you want less information about your vehicle’s health?

Dec 19 2017

So much this. I paid off my ‘11 BMW wagon years ago and plan to keep it so long the initial price is but a distant memory. It is costing me about nothing a year at this point. Even for the cars I have only kept a couple years, I have done the math and come out ahead by buying and selling rather than leasing. Or this Read more

Dec 19 2017

I very much agree. I may be spending $35K over 5 years for a $35K car (plus some amount for insurance and maintenance), but at the end of five years I have an asset worth $15K-$20K entering the long slow(er) tail end of depreciation. Usually on the high end, as I drive relatively little, my nearly seven year old BMW Read more

Dec 19 2017

You should collect the names of all these financial geniuses. It will be a very handy list when you launch a multi-level-marketing company.

Dec 18 2017

The rational person in me says: I think you should set a fixed number of projects and stick to it. You are probably at/beyond a reasonable number, so the question is would you be willing to scrap/sell one or two of your many other projects to acquire the Jeep(s) in question. Read more

Dec 16 2017

Am I the only one that’d rather have that S-10 in the background, or something closer to its size?

Dec 14 2017

no, but crashtest should only cover “already happened” scenario. It should tell you what will happen if you crash.
Read more

Dec 13 2017

Watching airbags in slow motion, there really needs to be an aftermarket vendor that sells them in deep pink with WHOOPEE emblazoned across them. Read more