Sep 13 2018

I have never once paid attention to firmware numbers.  It seems like a weird thing to focus on.  If there are major updates to the system, we’ll hear about them eventually either way.

Sep 12 2018

Instead flagging the “brother” detail being in dispute, how about just delete all references to it. This woman should not have to confirm or deny whether she did or did not date anyone. Read more

Sep 7 2018

If their partners are going to bitch about interrupted marketing plans in the face of a 6.7 earthquake, then their partners can go fuck themselves.

Sep 5 2018

You know it’s an accident, because it’s not intendo

Sep 2 2018

Good is subjective. Marshall Mathers is a talented individual. 

Aug 24 2018

Think about that poor mother and her 12 year old daughter. Imagine being her husband and the father of that child. You look forward every day to spending time with them when you get home from work and out of the blue you get a call that some loser destroyed them and took them away from you forever. You don’t even get Read more

Aug 22 2018

I find the comment about wishing Minecraft had come from Japan a little surprising, and mildly disconcerting, coming from Miyamoto. Why does it matter what country it came from? He always seemed like the kind of guy that wouldn’t care where/from who a game came from as long as it was fun.

Aug 20 2018

Do you feel that way about anything else? Art/video games/fiction books? 

Aug 15 2018

This game has so much wasted potential it’s rather tragic. Boring world, few enemies and worse most are just recolors for difficult. Incredibly grindy crafting system for pointless returns, criminally underused mechanics (which this illustrates how simple yet powerful they are and how nothing cool was done with them Read more

Aug 10 2018

This makes me legitimately wonder how a “wherdcon” (white nerds) event would be received. I’m quite confident that it would be largely shunned and panned as racist nonsense and dismanted or protested. So then what makes the concept different for a different race? Is my assumption too off mark? I promise I’m not trying Read more

Aug 9 2018

We just got tons of content in anniversary and retribution, so as long as Junkenstein is good I’ll be happy. Makes sense that some events would be lower key when their overall output/quality seems to be increasing.

Nov 29 2017

Practicing meditation is a fundamental pillar of happiness. As soon as our mind becomes unpeaceful or agitated, our peace of mind and happiness vanish. Meditation gives us the ability to reduce the say these uncontrolled states of mind have on us. Then we will be able learn to keep our mind peaceful and happy Read more