Dec 31

I have one person on an “unlimited” AT&T business plan, and my price went down $20/mo. when I switched to a new, 5G compatible plan.

Dec 13

They’re cutting back on production due to falling demand?  The share price will probably reach $1,000 on this news.

Dec 8

Because the exercise of free speech does not depend on your ability to establish your identity with government-issued ID.

Oct 28

It looks like if you took a Cross Colors bucket hat from 1991 and turned it into an app logo.

Oct 16

I have been on stock Android since the first Nexus device... and I’m afraid the idea of subjecting myself to manufacturer bloatware is just something that I will never be able to stomach.  It’s sad that more premium Android phone makers can’t provide the option of a stock Android experience... because I would never Read more

Sep 25

Agreed. Who would order 700 units of consumer-grade laundry detergent, 100 bars of soap, and 100 ladies’ deodorant?

Aug 24

As an office-based power user... the battery life on these products make them useless to me. Also, what office professional wants lighting on a keyboard? Read more

Feb 5 2020

Just shows how little we understand about wildlife and nature.

Feb 3 2020

I wish these great devices would ship with vanilla Android.  Honestly, after years of not having to deal with carrier/manufacturer bloatware... it would be impossible for me to switch to a non-Pixel/Google device.

Jan 17 2020

People think that you should have an expectation of privacy when you upload unsecured content to the internet.  It’s a lie that we’re all expected to believe.

Jan 15 2020

There are some legacy uses for IE. E.g. I have an office PBX (telephone) system control panel that will absolutely NOT work with Chrome or Firefox... only IE. I guess I will have to try Edge and see if it works.

Jan 10 2020

And you would figure that after having had to call the cops 11 times over billing issues... this would be something any sensible restaurant operator would do. Not here.

Dec 7 2019

I know we all dislike Musk as a person... but imagine the implications for free speech in America: every time you call someone a shitty name on the internet... you could immediately be sued and be financially ruined.  That’s not consistent with free speech in a modern democracy.

Nov 22 2019

I’ve been gray since the early days of Gawker.  Recognize me senpai!

Nov 22 2019

To quote Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator: “YOU ARE ONE UGLY MOTHERFUCKER!”

Nov 5 2019

The AI on my phone is so stupid, it can’t spell my name right when I dictate. Forgive me if I think it’s going to be awhile until the Terminators wipe out humanity.

Oct 23 2019

Would it be safe to assume that the police declined to prosecute this case?

Sep 21 2019

Shave his head and send him to Guatemala, he’ll blend in just fine.  True story.