I agree with you on this. The TT shift boot has always been one of my favorite.

stuck at my boring office job complaining in the comments section of a car website

What a frankly terrible way to take criticism. A very good way to remain sub-par. I’m not getting on you for your lighting or framing because, yeah, you work with what you got. But assuming you shot in RAW those shadows should be easily recoverable and I’m sure with a simple exposure adjustment the original photo Read more

Everyone’s gonna feel like petulant assholes when its revealed that he’s taking breaks to get cancer treatments or something. Read more

Burning’s too good for’em Read more

Jesus Christ. How worthless of a human being do you have to be to want to steal someone else’s hard earned property and then when you are too inept to use it yourself you have to kill an innocent person? Read more

Pools increase your chance of drowning in your backyard Read more

Tony Stewart, just killing the competition
Read more

Would you hate me if I put an f20c in an agave green 2002? Because it's happening Read more

(screw you Gawker this is content)

This is America we can swap engines Read more

The photoshopjalops should have a contest to render hardtop versions and we can vote who got the closest AND who made the best looking Miata hardtop Read more

The original NSX was very much of its time. It was a response to its exotic contemporaries. This NSX is precisely that again, and while I would have preferred an analog throwback to the original, the NSX was never meant to be a throwback to anything. Read more

Woah woah woah the worst truck burnout is the srt-10 ram flipping and that guy saying did I pop a tire Read more

They’re stealin’ err jawbs!!! Read more

[Why not a Toyota MR2? These dogs seem to like it. Photo Credit: Toyota]