Oct 30 2018

I’m still amazed that this dude thinks $20k + credit card pay off is enough to get a pretty successful, probably fairly well-off woman to commit federal crimes with potential jail sentences. She’s supposed to perjure herself so she can, what? Buy a new mid-range sedan? GTFO

Sep 30 2018

Definitely low and kinda pathetic considering how many Asian actors have risen to prominence in recent years. Off the top of my head, Randall Park, Constance Wu, Kal Penn, John Cho (Yum) Dev Patel, Padma Lakshmi, Riz Ahmed (double Yum), Brenda Song, the Asian guy from Kimmy Scmidt, Priyanka Chopra, Ali Wong, Scarlet Read more

Sep 19 2018

She’s NOT a staff person!  Not a staff person!  She’s the First Daughter!

Aug 29 2018

I’ve had it for people thanking god for things that other people do. It’s like, honey you made it through surgery because of your doctors not Jesus.

Aug 28 2018

Oh my fucking god. The persecution complex is so fucking REAL with these assholes. 

Aug 28 2018

I have two theories: 1) she never asked to be brought into this case and wants to distance herself from it 2) she doesn’t want to harm Kesha’s arguments by making it look like she lied or made up an accusation. 

Jul 24 2018

Rugged individualism is hot garbage invented by rich, straight, white men to provide an origin myth for their power and success so that they don’t have to be faced with the truth that they arrived where they are by standing on the necks of people of color and women.

Jul 19 2018

Guess a movie doesn’t begin at conception either.

Jun 26 2018

Fucking Susan Sarandon and everyone who agreed with her that Hillary was just too “terrible” to vote for and maybe Trump winning would be a “good thing” in the end can die in a goddamn fire.