Mar 29 2018

David Hogg........take a gap year tbh.

Mar 29 2018

No one has been killed by space debris? How about the dinosaurs Ryan, guess you’ve never heard of them?
(drinks unnameable herbal tea, vapes, is beaten rightfully so by angry mob)

Mar 28 2018

Haha, you’re just itching for a fight today!

Mar 28 2018

Needs more bedazzling.

Mar 26 2018
49 Bryan Singer and the X-Men series...................

Mar 23 2018

That’s been a problem with spending bills since long before anyone thought this regime would come to power though.

Mar 16 2018

Free car is a free car. A free Mercedes is worth the probably rare “fancy car comment. Plus its not like the C class is really that uncommon in any big city.

Mar 16 2018

Look forward to the day when Hollywood makes a grand biopic about this brave, beautiful, Black woman who was shockingly assassinated in her prime fighting for the poor and the defenseless. Wonder will it be Angelina Jolie that gets to portray her or Emma Stone?

Mar 13 2018

Snappers eat mostly plants by that age. There’s also commercially available turtle food. Read more

Mar 12 2018

What the fuck does global warming have to do with this?

Feb 26 2018

I am reminded of how, when the Iran hostage crisis erupted, someone threw a rock through the window of the Albanian-American Brotherhood building in Stickney, IL.

Feb 22 2018

I only wish it hadn’t taken so long for him to speak up and take a stand. He might have been able to stop some shots back in the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals.

Feb 21 2018

I know I have already expounded at tedious length on this particular pet peeve of mine, but in a just world there would be some kind of official license that could be revoked when you overrate individual defense enough to convince yourself that an essentially hyper-productive role player like Kawhi Leonard is anywhere Read more

Oct 16 2017

Beyond ironic that science is being corrupted by both the people that deny dinosaurs existed and the people who sell them the liquid form of said dinosaurs.
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