Tim Larson
Jul 7

Tipping culture needs to die in the US. Price the food accordingly.

Jun 26

Statistics simply don’t bear out that police are shooting and killing blacks. Only ten unarmed black men were killed by cops last year and eight of them were running. That means we’re down to two questionable shootings last year. Two. 

Jun 10

I just support places that make food I like. I don’t really acre about the race of the owner.

Feb 11

This article definitely wasn’t written by someone who lives in the Midwest. The tarp and socks idea are terrible and will cause more harm than good.

Feb 11

Was thinking the same thing. Coming from eastern Canada where we regularly get 5-10 cm of snow every few days and have huge snowstorms of 30+ cm most of this advice would actually cause harm. Read more

Feb 11

I beg to differ. Cooking spray lasts for all of 45 seconds when shoveling, and its only useful if the snow is the wet and sticky variety. Snow sticking to a shovel isn’t a huge concern, you can usually just tap the shovel on the ground and, voila.... clean shovel.

Putting down a tarp is useless - you’ll either lose it Read more