Red Detachment
5:22 PM

I heard Lindy West on a podcast this week say something similar about how when she really started start understanding intersectional feminism is when she started understanding that some black people just may not like her, ever, and respect that even though she thought of her self as a Nice White Lady. And them Read more

9:01 PM

She could have give with a more progressive choice then? But but racist white ladies do what they gonna do, I guess.

8:58 PM

Yeah, no. He only changed that opinion recently, probably to advance his personal ambitions. He should at least be honest, He would be second in line to appoint judges if (God forbid) something happened to Hillary. If Hillary Clinton was at all concerned with long term reproductive rights and not her short term power Read more

8:42 PM

Until recently he was a big time pro-lifer. He’s still not clear about his pro choice stance. This is actually really troubling. Also, he still supports abstinence only sex ed in schools lol.

6:26 PM

I’m American but I spent several years in a culture where social drinking is rare and (especially for women) being drunk is very much frowned upon. On weekend evenings I ate, danced, socialized and even did fucking Karakoke without any alcohol. It was actually kind of great. It’s kinda gross when you realize USA (and Read more

6:21 PM

I’ll add to Bullette’s point that my major turning point was a medication called naltrexone, which blocks the dopamine “high” alcoholics get from drinking, and over time (and consistent use while drinking) makes drinking less and less appealing. It's actually the main treatment for alcoholism in Finland (whose people Read more

6:15 PM

This was the same for me too. AA never quite clicked and I found my own way through medication and therapy (the Sinclair Method was a miracle to me). I respect that AA is an organization that has helped a great many people, but I resent (heh) the fact that if it’s not a good fit, people assume you just aren’t working Read more

12:19 PM

Agree 100%. You expressed this better than I ever could. The successful shift from talking about actual issues to talking about who is talking and in what tone and what venue and so on and so on has been so mind boggling frustrating. Centrist democrats are sounding more and more like Republicans (this particular Read more

12:00 PM

Thank you. The insistence of a certain class on shitting on Sanders even though he is clearly not going to be the nominee is telling.

11:54 AM

I wonder how much the FBI investigation is costing per day? Probably as much or more than this.. And if Hillz had followed the rules we could have used that money elsewhere! Though not really- Jez doesn’t seem to know how a federal budget works.

3:47 PM

Fear of cars rolling down hills (or more precisely, me, noted scatterbrain, forgetting to put on a parking break), was my worst fear living in San Francisco. I avoided driving at all costs, and just seeing cars parked on the steep hillsides freaked me the fuck out.

12:34 PM

Thank you for writing this. A friend of mine went through this procedure about a year ago, and it was heart-breaking. This is why late term abortion bans (which even Hillary Clinton is “open to”- fuck her) are so enraging to me. It’s not like women get 35 weeks in and are like “ nah”. It’s always tragic when this Read more

3:28 PM

This really is true. I’m a recovering alcoholic whowho spent years living as an expat in Southern China, where people don’t drink much. (In other parts of China, this is not the case.) It was a relief to do all kinds of fun social activities without the pressure to drink. Hell, I even learned to do Karaoke stone-cold Read more

3:23 PM

There are alternatives to AA our there, including anti-craving medications (I found great success with Naltrexone), secular groups like Smart Recovery, meditation, harm reduction support groups, and so on. If you think you have a problem... you probably do. Despite what some folks will tell you though, AA is not for Read more

4:00 PM

I was an expat in Asia for way to long, and supposed genius Woody Allen sounds like every White mouth breather that trolls third tier Chinese cities for ass. ***shudder***

3:12 AM

I have a degree in library science, I post a lot about feminist issues and cats.I get a lot of ads for plus-size clothing. (Nothing wrong with being plus-size!, but I can’t figure out why Facebook thinks I am plus size, other than stereotypes!) Read more

5:36 PM

Honestly the worst of the Hillary supporters are not much different. Racism, sexism and looooottts of anti-Semitism. Read more