Red Bull Global Rallycross
Jan 14 2016

We checked with our competition department—after some intense discussions, we concluded it doesn’t fit our rules package. Sorry...

Aug 16 2015

You know, we would have let him race in that, but when he refused to put rhinestones and sequins on the Beetle, the deal was off.

May 26 2015

For posterity: we actually were the first rallycross series to hit three continents in a season. We raced in South America (Brazil), Europe (Germany), and North America in 2013.

May 21 2015

Hey Leigh—what did you think about calling your first Red Bull GRC race for us in Las Vegas last year? How different was your preparation behind the scenes for our event, as opposed to the series that you’ve called on a more regular basis?

Apr 3 2015

Congrats Travis! Your first move as editor-in-chief should be to come drive the new Subaru GRC car the way you drove the stage rally car. I mean, we’re just saying.

Mar 25 2015

Today is the fourth anniversary of our first-ever race, which was held at Irwindale Speedway. We'll be sad to see it go.