Eh, I buy that for issues like The Simpsons being cropped to 16:9 (which they’ve said they’ll fix at some point), as well as perhaps removing profanity from Free Solo or brief nudity from Splash!. In both cases, it’s definitely possible that the edit was done by a provider making a version to air on network or basic Read more

I kinda am glad this movie exists tho. It’s so whack that it’s brilliant imo. Read more

The FISA has been used for a litany of unconstitutional abuses of power since the poorly-named Patriot Act. Both should be ended immediately. Read more

“the full scope” of the Dune franchise, including the original book series from creator Frank Herbert, as well as son Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson’s continuation of the franchise

And that was only in the 1980's, as much as I hate to say it. Read more

It says something profoundly depressing that the “pragmatists” who’ve controlled the Democratic party for several decades now — the people who’re constantly deriding purity tests, as if that phrase means anything other than “hey maybe politicians who’re putatively on the left should act and vote like it?” — have lost Read more

Staunch progressives don’t stand side-by-side with Republican homunculi like Nathan Deal as they both take a machete to the best state-funded college scholarship in America.
Read more

There’s a case to be made that all that winning in 2006 undermined the party in the long run. Few of the candidates he picked are still in Congress, some of them turned back into Republicans the moment they stepped foot in Washington. Read more

Really? You took a speech where he said we needed politicians of every color, race, and creed to stand up for working class people of every color, race, and creed and took that to mean he was somehow trying to recruit just white men? Really? Read more

Oh, and where is Saint Bernie in all this? Still sucking the dick of the precious white male vote I guess. Read more

Speaking out against #NODAPL and talking about what the DNC needs to do moving forward. But hey, strawman. Read more

Yeah, I’m actually surprised how good her explanations are.

And if you think about it in the books when the teachers and students from other European countries showed up in Goblet Of Fire none of them apparated or used the floo network or a portkey. Instead they used a flying horse drawn carriage and a magical ship. Read more

All of which happens after his briefcase gets taken and the others interfere with his retrieval of it. Read more

To me all that stuff was common sense. If you couldn’t figure out that a guy was staying low key because he was smuggling stuff on your own..... Read more

Because if the movie stopped to explain a simple thing like why he took a boat it would be yet more explanation and exposition in a movie already filled with exposition. Read more

Plus, don’t you have to know where you’re landing to apparate? I remember there being specific areas designated for wizards apparating to the Quidditch World Cup so they didn’t end up on top of someone. So if it’s Newt’s first time to the US, and assuming that designated apparating areas would include wizard Read more

Honestly, her explanation for the Apparition limitation makes sense to me. Sure, we’ve seen characters apparate all over Britain, but GB really isn’t that big compared to the distance between the British Isles and the US. Read more

JK Rowing answered some of these questions via Twitter. Basically he took a boat because transcontinental Apparition is very dangerous due to splinching, he didn’t use a portkey because it would need ministry permission and transporting creatures is illegal and he used Muggle customs because if he went through the Read more

One small correction: I don’t want to give any spoilers, but if you remember being a baker is his dream. He hates his boring job at a canning plant. Read more