Sep 4

Could be going to Lawrence Stroll, since Racing Point is about to change its name to Aston Martin. 

Aug 11

Shitty interior with no visibility, reliability issues on the earlier 3.6s, and 140K for $9.5k.

Aug 6

Koreans are eating their’s (and everyone else’s, shy of Toyonda) sedan lunch right now anyhow.

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Aug 6

As I told Mike on Twitter, the article absolutely does not omit the Escape Hybrid. It’s also not my job to advertise for Ford. If someone is shopping for a mid-sized sedan, why should they be forced into a CUV? Ford is trying to make customers fit its cars, rather than make cars fit its customers.

Ford sold 3.2 Read more

Aug 6

I know crossovers have higher margins (as I’ve seen others mention in the thread), but the article says Ford sold 60k Fusions in the first half of this crazy 2020, so here is my take: If you cannot make a profit selling 120k of a vehicle per year, you don’t know what you are doing.

Nov 21 2016

Everyone who likes a V8 has to be a redneck? Seriously? Being on Jalopnik don’t we celebrate and enjoy the diverse nature of our passion for cars? There are lots of cars I don’t like but I appreciate that others enjoy them and therefore am happy that they exist. I’m actually thrilled that they exist. I don’t go around Read more