Brandon Marshall's Feminist Manifesto
Aug 24 2018

I don’t know, it seems like maybe the reason she gave for not watching football is a more important issue for the sports yakkers to address than the effect not watching has on a morning show? Maybe?

May 15 2018

I made $5000 last week on periscope... all from the comfort of my home! Ask me how.

Mar 16 2018

Only one person at the whole meet brought a tire gauge and, unbeknownst to everyone using it, it was off by 3 psi.

Mar 16 2018

Quantum Mustangs attempting to occupy the same space at the same time.

Mar 1 2018

My wife’s response on seeing the clip: “It’s cool, you guys just keep sucking at basketball, I’ll just play around you.”

Mar 1 2018

That baby is an unholy mixture of Brady, Belichik and Kraft’s DNA implanted in a surrogate in an attempt to breed the Football Kwisatz Haderach.

Feb 26 2018

It’s nice to see Michigan State really cracking down on the problems in their athletic department

Feb 10 2018

Rumor has it there’s a $3,000 optional software package that actually avoids lower income areas when navigating with Google Maps.

Feb 9 2018

This appears to be a classic case of Driving While Black.

Feb 9 2018

5 bucks says Larry Bird is his favorite basketball player and pines for a time when basketball players were gentlemen (read: whiter).

Dec 4 2017

Things you may have forgotten about this awful year: the night before the special election to replace Montana’s representative to the House, who became the Secretary of the Interior (and has threatened a Senator’s state if they didn’t vote for the healthcare bill and also was likely involved in a tiny company from Read more

Oct 18 2017

(Generally speaking, varying by state) Kidnapping is moving another person (asportation) + confining them in a place against their will. False imprisonment is confinement against a person’s will, without the asportation element.